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Episode 209: Space Sentries-The Additional Lineage

In prior episodes of our “new” old time radio audio-theater program Nutmeg Junction, we presented the concept of “Space Sentries” which pays homage to the classic sci-fi programs of the golden age of radio. We take the concept into the future in this mockumentary where we imagine Space Sentries as a program that has been updated decades later and the amazing concept they come up with..is that the crew is older.

Rejoin Puffle and Commander (now Admiral) Alx, and Admiral Complication (now Hologram Admiral Complication) and the new crew as they discuss the adventures of the Starship Salisbury! Let’s hope the new team can keep control of the ship!

Season 2: Episode 9.


Listen HERE!

20190211_202924 (1)
Show notes:
The original concept of Space Sentries was to pay homage to the sci-fi golden age radio programs of old-especially one program in particular that seemed to use sci-fi jargon instead of great sound effects to indicate it was a space program. Having done multiple episodes with characters Ensign Puffle and Commander Alx with Admiral Complication, we expanded the “universe” to include First Op Gillard, Lieutenant Laurel Yannie (which by now is a dated reference which makes it funnier for us), Beautician Jenny Snips, Doctor Wolfe (whose catch phrase is “Oops”), Ace Grimsely and of course the seemingly mythological enemies;the Galaxons.
20190211_203027 (1)
The conceit of this “update” is to bring the show forward into the future, and by our standards, bringing it up to 1987. We introduce new characters like Captain Hudson, Lieutenant Fields, Murph, Lieutenant Machinery and a producer and a writer for the program.
20190211_203102 (1)
This was one of our largest groups recording a show so we took shifts to make sure we could do it right. Kurt Boucher (Commander-now Admiral Alx) was under the weather so he recorded his lines at home and we dubbed him in.
20190211_203107 (1)
Everyone had the script for the mockumentary portion. When we arrived for the rehearsal/recording, I provided the short “The Vector Theorem” which we recorded immediately thereafter.
We may create MORE Space Sentries stories in the future depending on the availability and interest of the cast but if you have any comments on it, feel free to share!
Written/created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk (c)2019
Space Sentries Theme Song (1 and 2) written and created and performed by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2019

Tiffy Mckay as Jenny Snips
David Macharelli as Captain Hudson
Kurt Boucher as Commander/Admiral Alx
Rich Cyr as Ensign Puffle
Phil Hall as Hologram Admiral Complication
Robert C. Fullerton as Phred Hicken/Space Brigand
Jeff Savage as the producer Cliff Barley
Jandi Hanna as Lieutenant Machinery
Dan Willey as First Op Gillard
Lana Peck as Laurel Yannie
Sharon Waagner as Doctor Wolfe
Nick Bourne as Lieutenant Fields/Murph
Olivia Wadsworth as Ace Grimsely

Harriet Holmes: Sleep of Angels-the Conclusion

Private Eye Harriet Holmes is in deep in her investigation of the charismatic Congressman Jack Vindle. Discovering just how Vindle is holding illicit communications outside the public eye, Holmes has to take steps to discover the truth but can she do it in time? And what steps will Vindle take as he learns more about Holmes? Is that Vindle outside her door? Tune in to the thrilling conclusion of Harriet Holmes: Sleep of Angels.
Starring Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes
and Nick Bourne as Congressman Jack Vindle
with Jandi Hanna, Robert C. Fullerton and J. Timothy Quirk.
Written by J. Timothy Quirk



This 3 part Harriet Holmes story was a departure from our usual parody/comedy style and we enjoyed the challenge of presenting a more adult concept. We determined hereafter that when we do more adult themed/serious stories that we will do so under the Nutmeg Junction Underground banner so there is no confusion.

Robert C. Fullerton composed and performed the new Harriet Holmes theme which is very exciting.

We didn’t take any new photos the week we recorded this, I believe a lot of us were not 100% as it relates to health.

In conclusion we will do more serious stories in the future, just under the new Underground banner and we hope you enjoyed the tone of this three episode arc!


Season 2 Episode 8: Harriet Holmes: Sleep of Angels 3-the Conclusion

was written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk (C) 2019


Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes

Nick Bourne as Congressman Jack Vindle


Jandi Hanna as Muffy Danvers

Robert C. Fullerton as Pierce

Dan Willey as Muscle

J. Timothy Quirk as Otis

Nutmeg Junction Theme composed, performed by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2018 all rights reserved.

The Harriet Holmes Theme composed, performed by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2019 all rights reserved.

Harriet Holmes: Sleep of Angels Part 2

Private Eye Harriet Holmes continues to investigate the charismatic Congressman Jack Vindle. Her client, wealthy socialite Muffy Danvers, believes Vindle is having communications outside of the public schedule and she wants to know what they are. Holmes attempts to unlock the mystery that includes discovering the motives of her client.

Starring Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes with Nick Bourne as Congressman Jack VIndle.  Also starring Jandi Hanna, Robert C. Fullerton, Dan Willey and J. Timothy Quirk.


20190106_150831 (1)


This series features the original music by Robert C. Fullerton who composed and performed the Harriet Holmes theme.  Musician Robert C Fullerton also acts as Mr. Pierce in our story.

This story is a departure from the usual parody story we often share, it is a darker story and has elements of the Raymond Chandler/Dashiell Hammet school of detective/noir thrillers. With Nutmeg Junction, we celebrate the world of Old Time Radio (audio theater) and there are a plethora of genres that entertained the listening audience. We’ve focused on the comedic aspects of the medium but we can do stories of all varieties and we decided to flex our dramatic muscles with this three part story.

The story was intended to be shared in four or five segments but when our lead actor Nick Bourne had an opportunity to head to the Big Apple, we decided to put the entire story in three episodes. This is why this particular story is only 20 minutes (and we added “Thoughts before Brunch” as a bonus to the episode, but the final chapter (chapter 3) will be the full 30 minutes.



Meet the Cast: Nick Bourne

We add this latest “Meet the Cast” entry on a day of celebration and gratitude for it is a day when we say au revoir to this valued cast member.


Nick Bourne joined the Nutmeg Junction team in late 2018 with a strong recommendation from Lana Peck who worked with him on a one-act playwright festival at the Warner Theater.  Since Bourne had arrived in Torrington, he built a name for himself within the local theatre scene, and in 2018 acted in the aforementioned playwright festival, in The Warner Theatre’s The Unexpected Guest and in The Charlie Brown Christmas. Bourne has extensive stage experience and among the highlights are his roles in the 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee and in Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”.


When he joined us on Junction we offered him many roles, first as a snarflepoof named Calvin in our philosophically inspired faux cartoon show (ala Smurfs or Trolls) in our “Halloween Special” called “Snarfleween”. He voiced multiple characters in the subsequent episode, as a reporter and as a Senator’s aide in a Packy-Dermy-Poo mystery adventure.

Nick then voiced an Agatha Christie inspired character in our spoof of the Christie genre “And Then There was ONE” and performed it LIVE with cast members in early December as part of the “SpeakEasy” show.  In 2019 he was back in episodes 3, 4 an 5 as part of the Spacy Squad (he played Javy Dones-read; Davy Jones in our Brady’s in space story), as the Announcer for the Grey Whisper in episodes 4 and 5 and took on the all important role of Congressman Jack Vindle in the noir “Harriet Holmes: The Sleep of Angels”. for episodes 6 and 7 and his work will be featured in subsequent episodes for Space Sentries: The Additional Lineage” segments.

At the live performance from left to right-Kurt Boucher, Jack Sheedy, Nick Bourne, David Robinson, Rich Cyr, Jandi Hanna, Olivia Wadsworth

Nick will be heading off to pursue grand adventures in the city that never sleeps where the epicenter of world class theater abounds in opportunity. But as he departs we know that some time in the future when time and technology allows, he can voice some more roles again in a “remote location” capacity and our show will be all the better for it!


Harriet Holmes: The Sleep of Angels P.1

Nick Bourne as Congressman Jack Vindle and Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes



Private Eye Harriet Holmes takes a case to document the comings and goings of a popular Congressman for a mysterious client. Following a car from the Congressman’s home, Holmes and her assistant Otis discover there may be more to the case than meets the eye in this noir style thriller.

Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes with Hunter Reese as Otis


In this episode we present the first part of a ‘noir” inspired narrative “Harriet Holmes and the Sleep of Angels.  This story is a departure from our usual lighthearted fare.

The story was intended to be a three chapter arc but we found that one of the key actors in the story, Nick Bourne who portrays Congressman Jack Vindle, will be pursuing theater in the city that never sleeps (and we’re rooting for him!) so we will share the part two of the story next week.
Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes
NIck Bourne as Congressman Jack Vindle
Hunter Reese as Otis
with Jandi Hanna, Dan Willey and J. Timothy Quirk

season 2 ep 6 title card official

The Grey Whisper: Anthracite Adieu (with sneak preview of Harriet Holmes)


Our Grey Whisper story began a few weeks ago in “Anthracite in Blue” and continued the following week in “Anthracite in Two”. This week we present the conclusion to the the story with “Anthracite Adieu”.

After that we present a sneak peek at special Harriet Holmes story entitled “Sleep of Angels”.





Anthracite Adieu features

Jandi Hanna as Madeline Forthright/The Grey Whisper

Rich Cyr as Rusty


Kurt Boucher as Dalton Pressege

Nick Bourne as the Announcer

Robert C. Fullerton as Number Nine

Melissa Gabehart as Ms. Harcourt

Lana Peck as Store Owner

Olivia Wadsworth as Jean Craftwell/Number Four


Dan Willey as Agent (who happens to come from) Orange


Harriet Holmes: Sleep of Angels


Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes

Nick Bourne as Jack Vindle

Hunter Reese as Otis

Robert C. Fullerton as Mr. Pierce




Grey Whisper: Anthracite in Two & Space Sentries III


In the continuation of the Grey Whisper three part story “Anthracite in Blue, we have the second segment “Anthracite in TWO”.  It features Jandi Hanna as The Grey Whisper and Rich Cyr as Rusty.  Our heroes investigate the case of the theft of fiber art from the fourth most popular fiber art museum in the region.

The story pays homage to the Athol-Orange area as we joined the WVAO station and wanted to give some shout outs!

Also we add Space Sentries III, the studio version. We recorded a live version of this short segment in November but we wanted to add a studio version for posterity with better sound quality for the story.

IMG_2253 (2)

IMG_2256 (2)

IMG_2264 (2)


Nutmeg Junction was created, written and produced by J. Timothy Quirk

Madeline: Jandi Hanna

Rusty: Rich Cyr

Dalton: Kurt Boucher

Dr. Unhippa: Robert C. Fullerton

Jean Craftwell: Olivia Wadsworth

Announcer: Nick Bourne

Girl: Mariel Quirk

In Space Sentries III:
Commander Alx: Kurt Boucher

Ensign Puffle: Rich Cyr

Announcer: J. Timothy Quirk

“The Grey Whisper: Anthracite in Blue” and “The Spacy Squad”!

team jan 2019

We present two stories in this episode.
The first story we see a return of The Grey Whisper and Rusty in the beginning of a three part saga: Anthracite in Blue! Someone has stolen some fiber art from the fourth most popular fiber art museum in northern Massachusetts. Madeline Forthright and Rusty travel to Athol, Massachusetts and investigate!
Then, what would happen if a bunch of Bradys went to space? Find out in the Spacy Squad!


We returned to the Grey Whisper character, our pulp hero. We noted that we had not completed a story “The Vampire Sloth” and that what was written was also the first part of a story and for a moment considered if it would be funny to only write the beginnings of the Grey Whisper Stories but decided we’ll definitely pay off each one, no matter how long it takes.

Further, what I had prepared was the concept of having at least two stories recorded for each episode and then have at least one of those stories have a cliff hanger and bring back the audience the following week.

So I had the Grey Whisper story prepared as a three partner. We’ve already recorded the first two (see next episode for part two!) and we’ll record the final chapter of this three part story tomorrow.

This episode marks the return of Conrad Sienkiewicz as our announcer and Caroline Sienkiewicz (who formerly portrayed Darly in our Daring Darling Darly episode!)


Additionally, original cast member Kurt Boucher wrote a story of The Brady Bunch in space called the Spacy Squad. With some tweaking in the edits, we recorded the Spacy Squad on the same night and it worked out exceptionally well.


Episode was written, created and produced by J .Timothy Quirk and recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio

The Cast:
The Grey Whisper: Anthracite in Blue

Jandi Hanna as the Grey Whisper

Rich Cyr as Rusty


Kurt Boucher as Dalton Pressege

Robert C. Fullerton as Number Nine

Melissa Gabehart as Ms. Harcourt

Lana Peck as Store Owner

Mariel Quirk as Number Two

Caroline Sienkiewicz as Number Three

Conrad Sienkiewicsz as the Announcer

Olivia Wadsworth as Number Four


The Spacy Squad

Conrad Sienkiewicz as the Announcer and “Billy”

J. Timothy Quirk as Mark Spacy

Jandi Hanna as Mrs. Spacy

Melissa Gabehart as HALice

Olivia Wadsworth as Margie

Caroline Sienkiewicz as Jen

Lana Peck as Sandy

Rich Cyr as Glenn

Kurt Boucher as Preston

Mariel Quirk as Mrs. Peasley Doll

and Nick Bourne as Javy Dones.

Episode 28: Nightmare Junction III


Episode 28 features an HP Lovecraft inspired story written by Lana Peck, the Corpse Conductor written and performed by Josh Newey and The Snarflepoofs return!

IMG_6680 (2)

The Corpse Conductor introduces us to the stories and provides a wonderful bookend to the episode. For the third and final installment of Nightmare Junction (The October Halloween episodes) Josh brings it home for us and deserved a week off to rest the vocal chords!


The Call of the Trolley is the first full  story segment written by a cast member and it’s wonderful. Created by Lana Peck, it was pitched at the time we were discussing ideas for the Nightmare Junction stories.  David Robinson was cast to portray the character (a stand-in for Lovecraft) and Lana’s script gives two nods to two prior Nutmeg Junction stories.


We then conclude with Snarflepoofs-Snarfleween, the mandatory holiday special. Snarflepoofs are “America’s Most Recent Toy Branded Children’s Entertainment Product” and the idea makes fun of the types of shows that only serve to sell toys by having stories and situations that actually discuss concepts of substance.  So Snarfleween allows us to talk about climate change and the environment by talking about an Apple bobbing competition all while the characters maintain their philosophical inclinations. We introduce Nick Bourne into the Junction team. Nick and Lana had worked together under the direction of Keith Paul for a staged reading show at the Warner! (note: I had the opportunity to work for Keith in a staged reading many years ago with, among many others, Lana and Kurt Boucher!)  Nick will return next week with two roles as he acts in both story segments we present!

IMG_6712 (2)

Once again, Jandi Hanna is the narrator for the Snarfle-poofs and has a few fun commercials for “Flattread Tires” and “Greedymine Bottled Water”.  Melissa Gabehart returns as “Sneetchey” (Nietzsche) and Jeff Savage is Plato!  The first joke in this story pays homage to a famous Jack Benny line (we just did it in our own way). Kurt is Renny (Rene Descartes), Olivia is Wollstonecraft and Lana is Simone. We decided not to keep the “Princess” joke going as it had been done already and it would be cumbersome to continue it.  The actors like these roles so much, we might have to do a Thanksgiving special, a “not as loved as Halloween or Christmas but still mandatory viewing holiday special”.  And Rich Cyr becomes a Snarflepoof-which one? Listen to find out!

Nutmeg Junction: Nightmare Junction Special #3

Was directed by J. Timothy Quirk and recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio

The Corpse Conductor was written by and starred Josh Newey

Call of the Trolley was written by Lana Peck

It starred

David Robinson

With Kurt Boucher and J. Timothy Quirk


Was written by J. Timothy Quirk

It starred

Jandi Hanna as the Narrator

Lana Peck as Simone

Nick Bourne as Calvin

Rich Cyr as Walden

Kurt Boucher as Renny

Olivia Wadsworth as Wollstonecraft

Melissa Gabehart as Sneechey

Jeff Savage as Plato

The Snarflepoofs theme was written and performed by Lana Peck and Mik Walker © 1998

Nutmeg Junction theme was written and performed by Robert C. Fullerton ©2018 and used with permission

We hope you enjoyed the ride on Nutmeg Junction and may all your journeys bring you back to a happy home.