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Episode 209: Space Sentries-The Additional Lineage

In prior episodes of our “new” old time radio audio-theater program Nutmeg Junction, we presented the concept of “Space Sentries” which pays homage to the classic sci-fi programs of the golden age of radio. We take the concept into the future in this mockumentary where we imagine Space Sentries as a program that has been updated decades later and the amazing concept they come up with..is that the crew is older.

Rejoin Puffle and Commander (now Admiral) Alx, and Admiral Complication (now Hologram Admiral Complication) and the new crew as they discuss the adventures of the Starship Salisbury! Let’s hope the new team can keep control of the ship!

Season 2: Episode 9.


Listen HERE!

20190211_202924 (1)
Show notes:
The original concept of Space Sentries was to pay homage to the sci-fi golden age radio programs of old-especially one program in particular that seemed to use sci-fi jargon instead of great sound effects to indicate it was a space program. Having done multiple episodes with characters Ensign Puffle and Commander Alx with Admiral Complication, we expanded the “universe” to include First Op Gillard, Lieutenant Laurel Yannie (which by now is a dated reference which makes it funnier for us), Beautician Jenny Snips, Doctor Wolfe (whose catch phrase is “Oops”), Ace Grimsely and of course the seemingly mythological enemies;the Galaxons.
20190211_203027 (1)
The conceit of this “update” is to bring the show forward into the future, and by our standards, bringing it up to 1987. We introduce new characters like Captain Hudson, Lieutenant Fields, Murph, Lieutenant Machinery and a producer and a writer for the program.
20190211_203102 (1)
This was one of our largest groups recording a show so we took shifts to make sure we could do it right. Kurt Boucher (Commander-now Admiral Alx) was under the weather so he recorded his lines at home and we dubbed him in.
20190211_203107 (1)
Everyone had the script for the mockumentary portion. When we arrived for the rehearsal/recording, I provided the short “The Vector Theorem” which we recorded immediately thereafter.
We may create MORE Space Sentries stories in the future depending on the availability and interest of the cast but if you have any comments on it, feel free to share!
Written/created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk (c)2019
Space Sentries Theme Song (1 and 2) written and created and performed by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2019

Tiffy Mckay as Jenny Snips
David Macharelli as Captain Hudson
Kurt Boucher as Commander/Admiral Alx
Rich Cyr as Ensign Puffle
Phil Hall as Hologram Admiral Complication
Robert C. Fullerton as Phred Hicken/Space Brigand
Jeff Savage as the producer Cliff Barley
Jandi Hanna as Lieutenant Machinery
Dan Willey as First Op Gillard
Lana Peck as Laurel Yannie
Sharon Waagner as Doctor Wolfe
Nick Bourne as Lieutenant Fields/Murph
Olivia Wadsworth as Ace Grimsely

Episode 30: And Then There Was “One”

Inspector Trompe-Loeil and her able assistant Mademoiselle Quosonnt receive an telegram invitation to a dinner party at a strange house above the cliffs of the Wasteland Hills over Smugglers Bay where five furtive strangers who have received the same invitation are gathered.  A note is discovered that threatens the guests “one by one”.  ill anyone get out alive?

Then  a short poem by Sunshine the Cat as voiced by Lana Peck




This episode was a send up of Agatha Christie’s work, most notably a certain French speaking detective matched with an “And Then There Were None” set up.

The concept was initially conceived for our actors who would be available for a live show which will occur this Sunday 12/2/2018. Just as we recorded “Thoughts Before Brunch” with three members of the cast, this piece would feature other members of the cast. This live event at the SpeakEasy on Dec. 2nd would then be the precursor to a full live show in February and then a gala event in April, our first anniversary as a radio show/audio theater company.


I also wanted to write these characters and “try them out” because I planned to write a script for Connecticut’s The Lipstick Project (CT) for their company to record our New Years Eve episode, that would be our first joint venture with another theater company. I wanted Trompe-loeil and Quosonnt to be the featured characters for that New Years Eve story.

So after writing this script, I did write a Trompe-Loeil full episode mystery entitled “Three Hours to Midnight” that  is a New Years Eve mystery that takes place at a jazz supper club called “Nothing But Treble” and that will be recorded in mid December and will air as the last show of the year for us.

I was feeling under the weather and so I did not take numerous photos in the recording studio but Kurt Boucher took some extraordinary photos with the green screen and I could not imagine a more fun promo-title card for the characters.
I’m going to hold most of those photos back so that we can use them when we return to those characters again with OUR cast.


Additionally Lana Peck, who has been cast in an upcoming Warner Stage Company production of “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder’ was able to record the narration and then a separate poem I had written, or transcribed really, based on my cat Sunshine’s unhappiness upon finding food late to the bowl and then, horrors of all horrors, the food was a new brand.





This has been episode 30 of Nutmeg Junction which was created, written and produced by J. Timothy Quirk copyright 2018 and rehearsed and recorded at WAPJ studio in Torrington, CT.

And Then There Was One, an Inspector Trompe-Loeil Mystery

was narrated by Lana Peck

and starred

Jandi Hanna as Inspector Trompe-Loeil

Olivia Wadsworth as Mademoiselle Quosonnt


Kurt Boucher as Carlyle

Nick Bourne as Pennimere

Rich Cyr as Chexington

David Robinson as Gadfly

Jack Sheedy as Couplet


A Poem by Sunshine the Cat

Was transcribed on behalf of the feline by J. Timothy Quirk and performed by Lana Peck.

Nutmeg Junction theme was created and performed by Robert C Fullerton c 2018

Additional music and sound courtesy of Youtube royalty free music and we thank them for that.


If you have comments or suggestions you are welcome to share them with the creators or with the station airing the program.

Nutmeg Junction can be found online at www/nutmegjunction.com

And is found on facebook, twitter and instagram.

We hope you enjoyed Nutmeg Junction and may all your journeys bring you back to a happy home.