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Nutmeg Junction has received some tremendous coverage about the work we’re doing in bringing Old Time Radio back to the airwaves.

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Register Citizen: 4/17/2018

Register Citizen: March 26. 2018

Register Citizen: 11/28/2018


Lakeville Journal: By  Shaw Israel Izikson 4/12/2018

Middletown Press 5/25/2018

Naugatuck Patch

By Nancy Sasso Janis March 28th, 2018

By Nancy Sasso Janis June 22, 2018




J. Timothy Quirk discusses the LIVE show with Marshall Miles on the Robin Hood Radio Network WHDD 

Lana Peck on Nutmeg Chatter

Kurt Boucher on Nutmeg Chatter

Rich Cyr on Nutmeg Chatter

Josh Newey on Nutmeg Chatter

Conrad Sienkiewicz on Nutmeg Chatter

Robert C. Fullerton on Nutmeg Chatter

J. Timothy Quirk on KBJB Internet Radio

J. TImothy Quirk on The Claw’s Corner