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Barnaby Druthers

In the vacuum of Sherlock’s absence, a new detective rises to fill the void along with Irene Adler in the Barnaby Druthers tales of comedic intrigue.

Professor A

Take the Vortex Corridor into parallel worlds with Professor A, Adjunct Professor of the multiverse and her companions, Dr. Robere, university professor, and Ms. Gentry, physics student, as they learn in the experiential classroom.

Cosmic Ventures

An intrepid trio make contact with civilizations in galaxies far from their home as they hurtle to the edges of charted space in their search for habitable planets and supplies.

Harriet Holmes

Private Investigator, Harriet Holmes takes on cases ranging from light hearted mystery solving banter to noir style thrillers.

Sherlock Holmes

Adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic tales of Sherlock Holmes.

The Grey Whisper

Unravel tales with The Grey Whisper, master of disguise, fighter of crime and a wonderful knitter! Secretly a wealthy socialite, Madeline Forthright helps the police on a number of cases assisted by her faithful friend and confidante Rusty.

Space Sentries

Follow the adventures of Ensign Puffle, Commander Alx and the entire Space Sentries fleet as they prepare to fight their mortal enemy, the Galaxons, provided of course that the Galaxons actually exist.

Fanny and Fred

Fanny and Fred, two witty seniors who banter about the changing times in their hometown Locust Hollow.

Thank Your Lucky Stars

Radio Show Host, Jack Sheedy, interviews the most unlikely guests ranging from magicians to scientists in this comedic program, Thank Your Lucky Stars!

Doc Keen and the Phenomenal 50

Inspired by the work of Shelby Peck, Doc Keen is the pulp hero the world needs right now. With Knuckles, Long John, Smalls, Balywick and the other 46 “phenomenals”, Doc Keen is on a quest for justice in serialized adventures.

Malcolm MacDuff: Theatre Detective

When mysteries abound in the world of theater, there’s only one detective to call: Malcom MacDuff! 

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