Episode 3.38 The Cask of Amontillado

Nutmeg Junction presents The Cask of AmontilladoDirected by Deborah GoodmanPerformed by Dan Willey and Rob Richnavsky 
also “No Offense” with Rich Cyr, Jason Kulas and Jerry CrystalAddeddate 2020-10-25 14:32:43Identifier episode-3-38-the-cask-of-amontilladoScanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4

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Episode 3.33 Barnaby Druthers and the New PRB (Part One)

A Modern Druthers tale taking place in Brookings, Oregon
Barnaby and the New PRB. Part One
A group of artists form a new version of the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood in an attempt to become famous. One in their number is murdered and it is up to Barnaby Druthers and Irene Adler to solve the case!


Barnaby and the New PRB Part One

written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk

starring Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry Rolleston

directed by AJ Lin

Music by Bob Eccleston

with music and narration by Robert C. Fullerton.
Robert C. Fullerton

Humphry Rolleston

Devon Richtmeyer

Kayla Soule

John Fabiani

Liam Grimaldi

Tiffy McKay

Jason Kulas

Elizabeth Jancewicz

Matt Griffiths

Jandi Hanna

Dan Wiley

Episode 331: Cosmic Ventures: Beyond the End of the World

Nutmeg Junction presents Cosmic Ventures (Episode 5)

When the crew reaches the furthest point of charted space at the planet Tothelos, their probe returns from inside a Nebula Superior, and odd occurrences begin to emerge onboard the ship.

Starring Amanda Yount, AJ Lin, Jason Kulas and Kurt BOucher

Written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk

Music by Robert C Fullerton

Also starring

Kristen Moresi as Halon

Liam Grimaldi as Ridgeway

Cosmic Ventures: Beyond the End of the World



Episode 3.27 Barnaby Druthers: All We Bring to Bear (Part 2)

Nutmeg Junction Proudly presents: Barnaby Druthers goes to Oregon in All We Bring To BEAR (Part 2)

The story continues as the accidental detective investigates a murder at a convention center in BEAR, Oregon
Written/created/produced by J. Timothy Quirk
Directed by AJ Lin
Narration by Robert C. Fullerton
Music by Bob Eccleston
Humphry Rolleston and Devon Richtmeyer
Kurt Boucher, Rich Cyr, AJ Lin, David Macharelli, Christiane Morel Olson, David Robinson, Jeff Savage, Kayla Soule, Olivia Wadsworth with J. Timothy Quirk as Detective Lavah



Episode 3.26 Barnaby Druthers: All We Bring to Bear (P1)

In this inaugural episode of the breakout series from Nutmeg Junction, Barnaby Druthers and Irene Adler are a crime solving duo in present day central Oregon. In the first chapter of this story, Druthers arrives in the fictional town of Bear Oregon and settles in at River Walk, the conference center with a view of Mount Bachelor. But a convention of the Gryfter Grocery Chain leadership goes awry and Barnaby Druthers and Irene Adler are on hand to help solve the mystery: who murdered Algernon Gryfter!



Episode 3.20 Cosmic Ventures IV and Fanny and Fred

Welcome to Nutmeg Junction where Bold Stories are told Well

We have two stories to share on our trolley-ride of imagination

Our first story is Cosmic Ventures Episode 4

A surprise impact to their vessel creates unintended consequences for the crew who must attempt to repair the ship before time runs out Starring Amanda Yount, Jason Kulas, AJ Lin and Kurt Boucher

Then we return to Locust Hollow where Fanny and Fred discuss their social distancing and how it relates to Horace’s store over the phone featuring Jandi Hana, Jeff Savage and David Robinson






Episode 3.19 Cosmic Ventures III

We return to the world of Cosmic Ventures, the series where an intrepid trio make contact with civilizations in galaxies far from their home. Starring Amanda Yount, Jason Kulas and AJ Lin.


Episode 3 was written by J. Timothy Quirk
Cosmic Ventures 3
Starred Amanda Yount, Jason Kulas and AJ Lin
Kurt Boucher
Jack Sheedy
Jandi Hanna J. Timothy Quirk Rich Cyr Devon Richtmeyer, Robert C. Fullerton and Jerry Crystal
Original score by Robert C. Fullerton
Recorded by Crystal Audio Entertainment
We hope you enjoyed your journey to Nutmeg Junction and may all your journeys bring you back to a happy home