Meet the Cast: Director Conrad Sienkiewicz

conrad 1

Conrad Sienkiewicz performs onstage and works backstage, most often with the Goshen Players, and occasionally with his wife Lydia Babbitt and daughter Caroline. He also loves listening to WAPJ and to various podcasts. With his daughter, he has created Cocaton, an HO scale model railroad town (sadly, there is no trolley service in Cocaton). Conrad also enjoys hiking the Blue Trails in Connecticut with his intrepid dog Sirius Black, writing haiku, and volunteering locally. He looks forward to the day when Torrington finally embraces its native son John Brown.

Conrad directs all of the episodes of Nutmeg Junction and is the voice of the “Announcer”!

Conrad Sienkiewicz leads a rehearsal session that includes guest actor Phil Hall (right)
Conrad SIenkiewicz leads a rehearsal (with Caroline Sienkiewicz, Rich Cyr and Jandi Hanna)

Meet the Cast: Robert C. Fullerton

Robert C Fullerton says that he grew up in a home where the radio was on more than the television. With a mother who listened Elvis and the Beatles, and played piano in a little country church, music was all around him. Teaching himself to play guitar at the age of 12, was just the beginning of a  journey that would lead him through many musical styles and expressions: church musician, high school choral director, adjudicator, folk musician, jazz musician, rock cover band musician…


Now, however, he has spent the past several years focusing on one thing: writing and performing his own songs. “In the past, I’ve helped other people with their songs, arranged choral pieces, written instrumental pieces, but lyrics never came easily. So, I seldom ever tried… until six or seven years ago. Now, I find myself surrounded by words, phrases, images and… songs!”


Drawing lyrical inspiration from everyday settings, and musically from all of his past expressions, gives him a somewhat unique sound. You might call it “Americana”, call it “jazzy folk”, or (to use Robert’s term) “acoustic soul”. Several of his songs are featured in Elmwood Productions’ series, “The Risely Brothers”. Robert is soon to release his third studio album, “You Weren’t There”.

On Nutmeg Junction, Robert C Fullerton is not only a performer of music but one of the vocal talents in our audio-theater program!  He will be featured in the episode Tex Bijou: Cinema’s Singing Cowboy!
Nutmeg Junction is coming April 1, 2018 at 1pm on WAPJ 89.9 and 105.1FM and on April 2nd and multiple other stations! More details soon!

Meet the Cast: Caroline Sienkiewicz

Caroline Sienkiewicz (photo by lsgoriginal)

Caroline Sienkiewicz-Babbitt is in 6th grade at Torrington Middle School. She is part of High Honors, Girl Scout troop 40004, the Warner theater, Goshen Players, and the TMS drama club. She is almost 12 in May. She loves to read and write. She has been in productions of Seussical, Peter Pan, First Date, Boeing Boeing, and is now in Beauty and the Beast. She wants to be a special effects makeup and movie artist when she gets older. Her favorite animals are whales and otters, and her favorite color is maroon. She also knows that those facts are irrelevant.

Among her many roles in Nutmeg Junction is the recurring character, Julia Porter. Her signature role as “Darly” in “The New Adventures of Daring Darling Darly”!

Nutmeg Junction will begin airing Sunday April 1 at 1pm on WAPJ (89.9 and 105.1FM) and April 2nd on other stations and online.  Stay tuned for exciting information about the program!

Caroline Sienkiewicz (right) prepares her audio performance with encouragement from Lana Peck (left) and Jandi Hanna (middle)

Meet the Cast: Josh Newey

Josh Newey photo by lsgoriginal


Josh Newey is a local actor and film graduate who has appeared in several acclaimed productions in the northwestern Connecticut area, many of them with the Warner Theatre Company in Torrington.


Some notable roles include Uncle Fester in The Addams Family Musical, Ash in Evil Dead the Musical, and John Hinckley in Assassins. Other favorite projects include participating in Keith Paul’s Secret Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and a guest appearance in Dave Sondrini’s web series, Doctor America.

In the early Nutmeg Junction episodes, Newey portrays the lovable Baxter of Baxter’s Books and More, the announcer on a game show, the enigmatic Dr. Lazlo Icarus, a bureaucratic scientist “Whiddlebury” and many more characters with more characters to come!

Meet the Cast: Lana Peck

Lana Peck   photo by lsgoriginal

Lana is a musical & visual artist and performer, and co-creator of Glumpuppet with friend and fellow Nutmeg Junction-er, Kurt Boucher (and the late great Jim Clark).

GlumPuppet dubs themselves to be “esoteric modern vaudeville” whose numerous silly videos are more exciting than a “bucket of thumb in the eye!” This excitement can be found online at the They have performed live for Desultory Theatre in Torrington and at venues such as Best Video in Hamden and ConnectiCon in Hartford.

Besides GlumPuppet and Nutmeg Junction, you may have caught Lana as the puppet George for the cable show, Nerd Talk at Citizens TV in Hamden. Torrington audiences may remember Lana from numerous Warner Stage Company productions such as Ken Ludwig’s Game’s Afoot (Inspector Goring); And Then There Were None (Mrs. Rogers); Nice Work If You Can Get It (Duchess Estonia); Reefer Madness (Mae), and Curtains (Jessica Cranshaw), to name a few.

She is also involved with many creative visual projects such as: theatrical scenic painting and props, and graphic design (as a staff member of NW CT Arts Council). Check and (art portfolio) for more

Lana Peck   photo by lsgoriginal

Meet the Cast: Jandi Hanna


Jandi Hanna
Jandi Hanna photo by lsgoriginal

Jandi Hanna lives in Falls Village and makes her living as a Speech/Language Pathologist for Region One Schools. Although she grew up in Goshen, she has worked with theatres in several parts of the country, including Chicago, Binghamton (NY) and Philadelphia, as well as on production teams in Public TV in Washington DC. Locally, she has enjoyed acting with The Aglet Theatre Company, the Warner Playwrights Festivals, Aspen Dream Dinner Theatre, and the Goshen Players. Jandi is delighted that J. Timothy Quirk has brought Nutmeg Junction to town and that she gets to ride the rails with this wonderful group of traveling voices.

In Nutmeg Junction, Jandi Hanna begins our series as Lead Conductor Margot and in later episodes enthralls audiences as the wondrous character, The Grey Whisper!


Meet the Cast: Rich Cyr

Rich Cyr
Rich Cyr photo by lsgoriginal

Rich Cyr’s love of performing began at an early age.He started writing short stories at the age of 9.His 4th grade teacher enjoyed them so much that she would have him read his stories to the class. This led to writing stories with his 2 brother’s and performing them for the neighborhood kids in his parent’s basement.

Rich Cyr by lsgoriginal
Rich Cyr photo by lsgoriginal

When he was older, his love of music became much stronger. He enjoyed being the lead singer in several bands throughout his 20’s. After the bands had broken up he realized that talking about music was just as fun. He attended CT School of Broadcasting.  The 1990’s consisted of him being a disc jockey at several radio stations, including the now defunct 106.9 WCCC.

Realizing that radio wasn’t paying the bills, he decided that he needed a ‘real job’, but never lost his love of the arts. During this time he co-wrote a television pilot, co-hosted a public access television show, and co-wrote, co-produced and starred in a documentary.

Never one to rest on his laurels, he decided to jump head first into the comedy scene by becoming a stand up comedian. This led to performing his unique brand of comedy in 8 different states; performing in many of the major venues. Some include: Joker’s Wild, Funny Bone, Comedy Connection and Zanie’s. His biggest thrill in comedy was performing with The Roast Master General himself, Jeff Ross.

IMG_3997 (2)

Looking for a way to combine his love of acting and comedy, he began working with the improv group Sterling Lion. The group performed several shows, including the radio version of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, where he voiced 8 different characters.

As they say, the past has a habit of repeating itself. He began writing again, publishing 5 stories on Rich can also be heard hosting his own podcast, ‘The CLAW’s Corner’, which will feature interviews from all walks of life. Coming soon will be actress Adrienne Barbeau, actor Daniel Roebuck, musicians, actors, directors, comedians and paranormalist’s.

When asked if he will ever slow down, his answer is always the same: “NO! Not as long as it’s FUN!!!