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The Essential Case Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Norwood Builder

When a young man is charged with murder it is up to Sherlock Holmes to discover the truth behind the man’s guilt or innocence.


Stories are adapted from the original works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by Randy Hudson. Original stories conceived and written by Randy Hudson

Directed by Deborah Goodman

The Essential Case Files of Sherlock Holmes Players are:

Daniel R. Willey-Holmes

Jeff Savage-Watson

Tori Richnavsky- Mrs. Hudson

Kurt Boucher-Inspector Lestrade

Jerry Crystal-Moriarty

Jason Kulas

Kristen Jacobsen

Sarah McGaw

Josh McGaw

David Robinson

John Fabiani

Olivia Wadsworth

The program is produced by Kurt Boucher and J. Timothy Quirk

Barnaby Druthers: The Wolf at the Vicar’s Door

Nutmeg Junction proudly presents Barnaby Druthers audio theater.  

While investigating the affairs of the late Sir Brighton and his estate, Barnaby and Irene enter the lives of Vicar Charles Peters and his wife Evelyn in a gothic fiction inspired tale.

An original work of fiction. Any similarty between any person or events living or dead is completely coincidental. 

Barnaby Druthers and the Wolf at the Vicar’s door 

Written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk 

Starring Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry Rolleston 

Featuring Dan Willey as the Vicar and Deborah Goodman as Evelyn Peters 

With John Fabiani, Tiffy McKay, David Robinson, Kurt Boucher 

Directed by Aj Lin music by  Bob Eccleston. Piano by Christiane Olson 

Ancillary string loops courtesy of soundtrap.  

Written created and produced by j. Timothy Quirk 


BARNABY DRUTHERS: Curious Case of Garvin Kipling

Barnaby Druthers returns for Season 2!

Nutmeg Junction Presents the Curious Case of Garvin Kipling

written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk

Directed by AJ Lin   

Music by Bob Eccleston

starring Devon Richtmeyer as Irene Adler

With Humphry Rolleston as Barnaby Druthers

featuring Jandi Hanna, Kurt Boucher, Matt Griffiths and AJ Lin

Based on the short story “The Sphinx” by Edgar Allan Poe 

Dedicated to Arianne R



Episode 3.19 Cosmic Ventures III

We return to the world of Cosmic Ventures, the series where an intrepid trio make contact with civilizations in galaxies far from their home. Starring Amanda Yount, Jason Kulas and AJ Lin.


Episode 3 was written by J. Timothy Quirk
Cosmic Ventures 3
Starred Amanda Yount, Jason Kulas and AJ Lin
Kurt Boucher
Jack Sheedy
Jandi Hanna J. Timothy Quirk Rich Cyr Devon Richtmeyer, Robert C. Fullerton and Jerry Crystal
Original score by Robert C. Fullerton
Recorded by Crystal Audio Entertainment
We hope you enjoyed your journey to Nutmeg Junction and may all your journeys bring you back to a happy home

Episode 3.16 Spaceship Junction and Grey Whisper

Cadet Everett joins the Spaceship Junction team on an adventure to the moon. If the moon is made of cheese, will they pick up a few cups for Admiral Alyx? If they’re not in the milky way how will Captain Puffle stay away from the Space Cows?
Featuring Rich Cyr, Lana Peck, Kurt Boucher, AJ Lin, Laurel Briggs, Kristin Moresi and Cadet Everett!

–This was a special “quarantine” story as we created it to allow young listeners the opportunity to research science topics, in this case the moon, and then with their parents, be able to record with the Nutmeg Junction cast virtually. Were’ so happy Cadet Everett took up the challenge!

Then we present the studio version of The Grey Whisper story” Mystery of the Great Corn Wall! This was a story created and presented exclusively for a live show that was a benefit for the Cornwall, CT community. Featuring Jandi Hanna, Rich Cyr, Jason Kulas, Lana Peck, Eastlynd Bates and J. Timothy Quirk,


spaceship junction 2 (2)

cornwall 3 (2)



Nutmeg Junction will perform our first full live production of three complete episodes of our old time radio style audio theater show with 8 unique scripts (7 never before heard on the program) involving some of the most beloved Junction characters on Saturday 4/27/2019 at 7:30pm at the Center on Main, 103 Main Street, Falls Village, CT.

It’s been an amazing journey just to get to this point.

Nutmeg Junction is recorded at WAPJ, Torrington Community radio station and it airs on 14 stations in 4 states and online. Starting the program out was an adventure. The first three episodes were recorded on one night at the end of January, 2018. The studio was abuzz with excitement and activity.  An early concept for the show included not just an audio theater portion of the show but also a musical component and interview portion so Belle of the Fall and Elizabeth Victoria were in the studio to perform and guests State Rep Michelle Cook and Rich Cyr were there. By this time, Rich Cyr had already been invited to join our cast so he had the rare distinction of being a special guest and cast member.  Quality photos by LSG Original Photography captured the moment. The evening captured some extraordinary performances and we learned from the experience as we moved forward.

With these episodes recorded and subsequently edited, we had the “proof of concept” to submit to radio stations including WAPJ. WAPJ and the Robin Hood Radio Network which included multiple stations, wanted the show and had a timeslot for it. On March 31st, 2018 11am the Nutmeg Junction show aired on the Robin Hood Radio network and on April 1, 2018, the program aired on WAPJ.

At the beginning days of the show one of the formative ideas was to eventually perform the show live at least once that year and then do “more” in 2019.  We achieved the initial goal when we performed live on December 2nd 2018 as part of the SpeakEasy program, where we would be the featured “speakers” among many speakers that night for the Poetry/Spoken word event. We performed an Inspector Trompe-Loeil story, a Space Sentries story and an original script called “Thoughts Before Brunch”. It was a lot of fun to do and this spurred more interest to do a full live production of Nutmeg Junction.

Nutmeg Junction performing as a part of SpeakEasy Dec 2, 2018

It’s an interesting  challenge to produce a live production; it’s certainly very different from the creation of an in-studio recording. Being a part of the SpeakEasy event was a wonderful experience because our role was to show up and perform and we had unique stories no one had yet heard. We did promote the show and there was an article in the paper and there were opportunities to talk about it on the air and the end result was that the evening was the largest turn out for the SpeakEasy event they had had for the year. Still on the whole, our focus was on the performance itself and we enjoyed the opportunity to present stories in front of an audience.

Many old time radio programs were performed in front of a studio audience and there’s something extraordinary about the immediate feedback on the material. And some modern examples of this consistent audio theater in front of a live audience includes the formerly titled “Prairie Home Companion” and the LA Based “Thrilling Adventure Hour”. But both of these shows were performed in large cities with other beneficial factors unique to their shows built in, specifically national recognition of the show and/or the stars who performed on the show. But for us in 2019, one night a year to be directly producing a show is perfect. Once again we’re doing 3 episodes, just like we did in January, but this time it’s for an audience, and it’s live!

We are performing at The Center on Main. It’s a wonderful theater in the heart of a picture-perfect community of Falls Village.

The Center on Main 103 Main Street, Falls Village, CT

I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about our upcoming 4/27 live show in a number outlets including Denver Underground radio with fellow Nutmeg Junction-eer Kurt Boucher.

Here’s the audio!

we had a wonderful spot on KBJB radio

Here’s the audio!

I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with Marshall Miles on Robin hood radio

Here’s the link!

Robin Hood Radio interview with J. Timothy Quirk

I enjoyed a wonderful interview with Barrie Soucy (audio to be uploaded soon).

I also enjoyed talking with Jacque Williams on the feel good show (sadly it wasn’t recorded!)

And an interview with Shaw on his podcast Shaw and Tell!

As the day approaches, I’m looking forward to sharing these fun stories and the exceptional vocal talent of the voice actors on the show with the audience.  The event will be a benefit for the Lee H. Kellogg School (all donations will be for the benefit of the school).

This is the only planned live event we will produce as a specific Nutmeg Junction show so it is a very special engagement. We encourage all to come and support the show, support the Lee H. Kellogg School and enjoy quality entertainment on 4/27/2019 at 7;30pm at the Center on Main in Falls Village, CT!


Season 2: Episode 1 Giles and Brewster and the Monster Apocalypse


We begin Season 2 of our audio theater golden-age-of-radio style program by paying homage to the work of the great humorist PG Wodehouse in our loving parody that posits the question, how would the aristocratic world of a gadfly nephew and his gentleman’s gentleman handle an apocalyptic world filled with vampires, werewolves, zombies and more. The answer is found in our two part episode entitled “Giles and Brewster and the Monster Apocalypse” This is PART ONE






Giles and Brewster and the Monster Apocalypse was written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk

The program was recorded at WAPJ, Torrington Community Radio

The program starred:
David Macharelli as Woodrow Brewster

Josh Newey as Giles

Lana Peck as Gloria Chennington

Shannon Sniffin as Gwenivere Chuttle

Jandi Hanna as Aunt Agnes

Kurt Boucher as Toppers

Olivia Wadsworth as Lady Chennington

Robert C. Fullerton as Lord Chennington

And J Timothy Quirk as Butterby and Gussie Knitfottle

Nutmeg Junction theme song created and performed by Robert C. Fullerton ©2018

Additional music and sound courtesy of youtube royalty free music

Please tune in next time for the conclusion, part two of Giles and Brewster and the Monster Apocalypse

Season 2 we will continue to bring you more unique adventures including more of The Grey Whisper, Space Sentries, Tex Bijou and all of your favorite characters.

Until next time, we hope you enjoyed the ride and may all of your journeys bring you back to a happy home.

Episode 30: And Then There Was “One”

Inspector Trompe-Loeil and her able assistant Mademoiselle Quosonnt receive an telegram invitation to a dinner party at a strange house above the cliffs of the Wasteland Hills over Smugglers Bay where five furtive strangers who have received the same invitation are gathered.  A note is discovered that threatens the guests “one by one”.  ill anyone get out alive?

Then  a short poem by Sunshine the Cat as voiced by Lana Peck




This episode was a send up of Agatha Christie’s work, most notably a certain French speaking detective matched with an “And Then There Were None” set up.

The concept was initially conceived for our actors who would be available for a live show which will occur this Sunday 12/2/2018. Just as we recorded “Thoughts Before Brunch” with three members of the cast, this piece would feature other members of the cast. This live event at the SpeakEasy on Dec. 2nd would then be the precursor to a full live show in February and then a gala event in April, our first anniversary as a radio show/audio theater company.


I also wanted to write these characters and “try them out” because I planned to write a script for Connecticut’s The Lipstick Project (CT) for their company to record our New Years Eve episode, that would be our first joint venture with another theater company. I wanted Trompe-loeil and Quosonnt to be the featured characters for that New Years Eve story.

So after writing this script, I did write a Trompe-Loeil full episode mystery entitled “Three Hours to Midnight” that  is a New Years Eve mystery that takes place at a jazz supper club called “Nothing But Treble” and that will be recorded in mid December and will air as the last show of the year for us.

I was feeling under the weather and so I did not take numerous photos in the recording studio but Kurt Boucher took some extraordinary photos with the green screen and I could not imagine a more fun promo-title card for the characters.
I’m going to hold most of those photos back so that we can use them when we return to those characters again with OUR cast.


Additionally Lana Peck, who has been cast in an upcoming Warner Stage Company production of “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder’ was able to record the narration and then a separate poem I had written, or transcribed really, based on my cat Sunshine’s unhappiness upon finding food late to the bowl and then, horrors of all horrors, the food was a new brand.





This has been episode 30 of Nutmeg Junction which was created, written and produced by J. Timothy Quirk copyright 2018 and rehearsed and recorded at WAPJ studio in Torrington, CT.

And Then There Was One, an Inspector Trompe-Loeil Mystery

was narrated by Lana Peck

and starred

Jandi Hanna as Inspector Trompe-Loeil

Olivia Wadsworth as Mademoiselle Quosonnt


Kurt Boucher as Carlyle

Nick Bourne as Pennimere

Rich Cyr as Chexington

David Robinson as Gadfly

Jack Sheedy as Couplet


A Poem by Sunshine the Cat

Was transcribed on behalf of the feline by J. Timothy Quirk and performed by Lana Peck.

Nutmeg Junction theme was created and performed by Robert C Fullerton c 2018

Additional music and sound courtesy of Youtube royalty free music and we thank them for that.


If you have comments or suggestions you are welcome to share them with the creators or with the station airing the program.

Nutmeg Junction can be found online at www/nutmegjunction.com

And is found on facebook, twitter and instagram.

We hope you enjoyed Nutmeg Junction and may all your journeys bring you back to a happy home.




Episode 17: Professor A: Chapter Five: Borrower of the Night


Professor A‘s adventures continue in Chapter Five: Borrower of the Night!   Professor A and Ms. Gentry escape to the planet of an alien world in a mini-universe while Dr. Robere remains imprisoned in the “Welcome Center”,distracting the guard, “Officer Funston” for as long as he can.



We continue the story of this multi-episodic Professor A adventure. Last week’s episode of Nutmeg Junction was Chapter Four and it ended on a cliff hanger. So does this episode!


The premise was established in Chapter Four-that the Uni-Ones came from a different universe and took over this world and began extracting its natural resources and then restricted all access to it from anyone else who tries to visit through the dimensional corridor.

In this episode we learn more from the native inhabitants of the world how the current state came to be.

IMG_6268 (2)

Our principals (Lana Peck as Professor A, Kurt Boucher as Dr. Robere and Tiffy McKay as Ms. Gentry) return and they are joined by David Robinson, Conrad Sienkiewicz and Olivia Wadsworth.

IMG_6269 (2)

Olivia was not  present at the time of the original recording so Tiffy provided two voices, Ms. Gentry’s and B1067. We recorded Olivia after we had edited the show for radio release so there are actually two versions of this episode, the one with Tiffy playing B1067 and one with Olivia portraying the character. As the character will continue in the storyline, we’ve updated/edited the show with Olivia’s voice but Tiffy’s voice is preserved in case we do a “making-of” episode at some point!

IMG_6394 (2)

IMG_6274 (2)

David Robinson joins us for the first time and portrays “Bearnard (Bear) Sable/C9359).. Robinson is no stranger to stage and screen, and he was most recently in The Post (2017)

IMG_6277 (2)

Conrad directs the episode and returns as a voice actor for the neighbor role which is nice because Conrad and I are neighbors in real life too!  Conrad will lend his voice to a Harriet Holmes episode within the next few weeks.


The letters and numbers actually correspond to elements of the story

IMG_6272 (3)
















Episode 16: Professor A-Chapter Four: The Welcome Wagon


Professor A: Chapter Four-The Welcome Wagon is part of a multi-episode story that ends on a cliffhanger and continues until the next episode (which also ends on a cliff hanger-slightly spoiler alert!)


The topic of “immigration” and detention was prevalent on the minds of the American conscience in July 2018 and I had proposed a story that was, in hindsight, incredibly dark however not as dark as the reality that some in the country faced for the story I proposed was still only about adults and not children who were detained, imprisoned and separated from their loved ones.


I received feedback from the actors that the concepts would work if kept within the prism of the Professor world.  At their recommendation, I believe specifically Lana Peck’s (Lana portrays the Professor), I wrote a story that did not take place in America or even Earth but rather on a different world within the multi-verse.


It was the correct decision.

The response back when the script was presented was extremely favorable as it hit the right tone while still presenting difficult and complex themes in a powerful way. The continuation of the story (which is in Episode 17) delves deeper into these dark themes while still keeping the essence of a Professor A story in Nutmeg Junction.

IMG_6145 (2)

This is a three-actor episode. Lana portrays both the Professor and Officer Funston and her vocal work as Officer Funston is not to be missed.  With the echo (reverb) on the vocal track there is an eerie quality in the seemingly gracious words Funston is saying to the visitors.   As always Kurt Boucher portrays Dr. Robere and Tiffy McKay portrays Ms. Gentry.

We recorded this episode on the same day as Space Sentries II and was directed by Conrad Sienkiewicz.

We recorded Lana’s Officer Funston voice separately from her Professor A performance and then edited it together.


The quote from Sir Isaac Newton is real.

I am extremely proud with how Episodes 16 and 17 came out and I can’t wait to explore this story further in August.



Episode 16: Professor A: Chapter Four-The Welcome Wagon

Written by J. Timothy Quirk (c)2018

Directed by Conrad Sienkiewicz

Professor A Theme written and performed by Lana Peck (c)2018


Lana Peck as Professor A and Officer Funston

Kurt Boucher as Dr. Robere

Tiffy McKay as Ms. Gentry

Rehearsed and recorded at WAPJ studio in Torrington CT

Additional music and foley sourced by Youtube Royalty free music or otherwise located in the field by J. Timothy Quirk