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Saturn Theater on the Air presents the Goshen Players in Tartuffe in 4 parts

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Directed Wes Baldwin

Produced by Jerry Crystal


Todd Santa Maria

Christiane Olson

Ingrid Smith

Hal Chernoff

Wes Baldwin

Olivia Wadsworth

Irene Epperson

Roger Netzer

Jodi Baldwin

Humphry Rolleston

Jerry Crystal

In Part 4 of 4, we present selections from Shakespeare’s sonnets, performed by Humphry Rolleston, Devon Richtmeyer, Kurt Boucher, Jack Sheedy and Jerry Crystal

Oscar Wilde’s A Woman of No Importance (All Four Acts)

Nutmeg Junction is proud to present our audio theater adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s A Woman of No Importance.

This is a four act play that takes place within a 24 hour period. A young American woman is visiting England at the estate of Lady Hunstanton, where society is abuzz with excitement as Lord Illingworth has chosen a young local man of modest means, Gerald Arbuthnot, to be his secretary. Gerald’s mother discovers that Lord Illingworth and she share a secret past.

Starring Deborah Goodman as Mrs. Arbuthnot

and David Macharelli as Lord Illingworth

with Kurt Boucher, Devon Richtmeyer, Jandi Hanna, Olivia Wadsworth, Lana Peck, AJ Lin, Robert C. Fullerton, David Robinson, Dan Willey, and Humphry Rolleston





Oscar Wilde’s A Woman of No Importance Act One

Nutmeg Junction Season 5 Ep 2. A Woman of No Importance: Act One

In mid 2020, Nutmeg Junction recorded an adaptation of A Woman of No Importance. Directed by J. Timothy Quirk

Now we proudly present the work as episodes within Nutmeg Junction half hour program. The first episode is Act One.

Starring Deborah Goodman as Mrs. Arbuthnot and David Macharelli as Lord Illingsworth.

With Kurt Boucher, Devon Richtmeyer, Olivia Wadsworth, Lana Peck, Jandi Hanna, AJ Lin, Dan Willey, David Robinson, Robert C. Fullerton, and Humphry Rolleston