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Episode 3.16 Spaceship Junction and Grey Whisper

Cadet Everett joins the Spaceship Junction team on an adventure to the moon. If the moon is made of cheese, will they pick up a few cups for Admiral Alyx? If they’re not in the milky way how will Captain Puffle stay away from the Space Cows?
Featuring Rich Cyr, Lana Peck, Kurt Boucher, AJ Lin, Laurel Briggs, Kristin Moresi and Cadet Everett!

–This was a special “quarantine” story as we created it to allow young listeners the opportunity to research science topics, in this case the moon, and then with their parents, be able to record with the Nutmeg Junction cast virtually. Were’ so happy Cadet Everett took up the challenge!

Then we present the studio version of The Grey Whisper story” Mystery of the Great Corn Wall! This was a story created and presented exclusively for a live show that was a benefit for the Cornwall, CT community. Featuring Jandi Hanna, Rich Cyr, Jason Kulas, Lana Peck, Eastlynd Bates and J. Timothy Quirk,


spaceship junction 2 (2)

cornwall 3 (2)


Episode 229:The Grey Whisper and The Phantom Flamingo

IMG_7891 (2)

In the 29th episode of the second season of Nutmeg Junction, the Grey Whisper returns! Madeleine Forthwright and her faithful companion, Rusty, visit Leominster, Massachusetts for the Johnny Appleseed Festival. But there’s another mysterious figure in the community: The Phantom Flamingo! Has the Grey Whisper met her match? Starring Jandi Hanna as The Grey Whisper, Rich Cyr as Rusty, AJ Lin as the Unofficial Comb Vendor, and introducing Amanda Yount as The Phantom Flamingo!
In the second story, KJ Johansen reprises her role as Virginia (Ginny) Wyles, the 19th century promoter whose motto is “there are a million bad ideas and she can find the least bad one!” Ginny pitches John Chapman who is about to embark on his journey involving apples, to consider a different fruit.

This episode is dedicated to Leominster, MA and WLPZ.


IMG_7914 (2)
AJ Lin as The Unofficial Comb Vendor, Rich Cyr as Rusty, Jandi Hanna as The Grey Whisper, Amanda Yount as the Phantom Flamingo


IMG_7902 (2)



Episode 229 was written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk and recorded at WAPJ Torrington, Community Radio


Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”

Bach “Toccatta in Fugue”

Robert C. Fullerton “Serendip-History”

The Grey Whisper” The Phantom Flamingo

Jandi Hanna as the Grey Whisper

Rich Cyr as Rusty

Amanda Yount as The Phantom Flamingo

AJ Lin as The Unofficial Comb Vendor

Johnny Lemonseed
KJ Johansen as Virginia (Ginny Wyles)

Kurt Boucher as John Chapman

Jeff Savage as Nathaniel Chapman

The Grey Whisper: Anthracite Adieu (with sneak preview of Harriet Holmes)


Our Grey Whisper story began a few weeks ago in “Anthracite in Blue” and continued the following week in “Anthracite in Two”. This week we present the conclusion to the the story with “Anthracite Adieu”.

After that we present a sneak peek at special Harriet Holmes story entitled “Sleep of Angels”.





Anthracite Adieu features

Jandi Hanna as Madeline Forthright/The Grey Whisper

Rich Cyr as Rusty


Kurt Boucher as Dalton Pressege

Nick Bourne as the Announcer

Robert C. Fullerton as Number Nine

Melissa Gabehart as Ms. Harcourt

Lana Peck as Store Owner

Olivia Wadsworth as Jean Craftwell/Number Four


Dan Willey as Agent (who happens to come from) Orange


Harriet Holmes: Sleep of Angels


Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes

Nick Bourne as Jack Vindle

Hunter Reese as Otis

Robert C. Fullerton as Mr. Pierce




Grey Whisper: Anthracite in Two & Space Sentries III


In the continuation of the Grey Whisper three part story “Anthracite in Blue, we have the second segment “Anthracite in TWO”.  It features Jandi Hanna as The Grey Whisper and Rich Cyr as Rusty.  Our heroes investigate the case of the theft of fiber art from the fourth most popular fiber art museum in the region.

The story pays homage to the Athol-Orange area as we joined the WVAO station and wanted to give some shout outs!

Also we add Space Sentries III, the studio version. We recorded a live version of this short segment in November but we wanted to add a studio version for posterity with better sound quality for the story.

IMG_2253 (2)

IMG_2256 (2)

IMG_2264 (2)


Nutmeg Junction was created, written and produced by J. Timothy Quirk

Madeline: Jandi Hanna

Rusty: Rich Cyr

Dalton: Kurt Boucher

Dr. Unhippa: Robert C. Fullerton

Jean Craftwell: Olivia Wadsworth

Announcer: Nick Bourne

Girl: Mariel Quirk

In Space Sentries III:
Commander Alx: Kurt Boucher

Ensign Puffle: Rich Cyr

Announcer: J. Timothy Quirk

“The Grey Whisper: Anthracite in Blue” and “The Spacy Squad”!

team jan 2019

We present two stories in this episode.
The first story we see a return of The Grey Whisper and Rusty in the beginning of a three part saga: Anthracite in Blue! Someone has stolen some fiber art from the fourth most popular fiber art museum in northern Massachusetts. Madeline Forthright and Rusty travel to Athol, Massachusetts and investigate!
Then, what would happen if a bunch of Bradys went to space? Find out in the Spacy Squad!


We returned to the Grey Whisper character, our pulp hero. We noted that we had not completed a story “The Vampire Sloth” and that what was written was also the first part of a story and for a moment considered if it would be funny to only write the beginnings of the Grey Whisper Stories but decided we’ll definitely pay off each one, no matter how long it takes.

Further, what I had prepared was the concept of having at least two stories recorded for each episode and then have at least one of those stories have a cliff hanger and bring back the audience the following week.

So I had the Grey Whisper story prepared as a three partner. We’ve already recorded the first two (see next episode for part two!) and we’ll record the final chapter of this three part story tomorrow.

This episode marks the return of Conrad Sienkiewicz as our announcer and Caroline Sienkiewicz (who formerly portrayed Darly in our Daring Darling Darly episode!)


Additionally, original cast member Kurt Boucher wrote a story of The Brady Bunch in space called the Spacy Squad. With some tweaking in the edits, we recorded the Spacy Squad on the same night and it worked out exceptionally well.


Episode was written, created and produced by J .Timothy Quirk and recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio

The Cast:
The Grey Whisper: Anthracite in Blue

Jandi Hanna as the Grey Whisper

Rich Cyr as Rusty


Kurt Boucher as Dalton Pressege

Robert C. Fullerton as Number Nine

Melissa Gabehart as Ms. Harcourt

Lana Peck as Store Owner

Mariel Quirk as Number Two

Caroline Sienkiewicz as Number Three

Conrad Sienkiewicsz as the Announcer

Olivia Wadsworth as Number Four


The Spacy Squad

Conrad Sienkiewicz as the Announcer and “Billy”

J. Timothy Quirk as Mark Spacy

Jandi Hanna as Mrs. Spacy

Melissa Gabehart as HALice

Olivia Wadsworth as Margie

Caroline Sienkiewicz as Jen

Lana Peck as Sandy

Rich Cyr as Glenn

Kurt Boucher as Preston

Mariel Quirk as Mrs. Peasley Doll

and Nick Bourne as Javy Dones.

Episode 9: Nutmeg Junction Sampler

This week Nutmeg Junction joined WESU Middletown radio. This is the first station to take on our show on since our premiere episode on 3/31/2018 (on Robin hood radio four affiliated stations WHDD) and 4/1 (WAPJ) and CROC radio.

So this is the show that can be seen a good introduction into our universe.  If you haven’t heard our program before, this is a great episode to start with”.  We have three stories in this episode: The Grey Whisper (featuring Jandi Hanna), Daring Darling Darly (featuring Caroline Sienkiewicz) and A Case of a Little Light Murder (featuring Lana Peck and Kurt Boucher).  These stories have wonderful vocals from Josh Newey, Robert C Fullerton, Conrad Sienkiewicz and Rich Cyr.

Now I had originally considered having The Professor story in this segment but the Professor stories are approximately 15minutes so wouldn’t fit into a three section show. I considered Space Sentries and Tex Bijou but both are shows that benefit from the entire show listening experience.

These stories generally have everyone in our cast in the shows (except for Olivia who began recording with us after these episodes.



Episode 4: The Grey Whisper


In this episode we meet Nutmeg Junction trolley line’s Quality Reviewer Kent Flashman as Ella becomes Lead Conductor for the first time.  We enjoy music from Robert C. Fullerton and meet VIP guest Leslie Elias of The Grumbling Gryphons Traveling Children’s Theatre group.  In our passenger story we introduce The Grey Whisper who is a master of disguise, fighter of crime and a wonderful knitter!


Jandi Hanna as Madeline Forthright/The Grey Whisper
Kurt Boucher as “Ox”   Rich Cyr as “Rusty” and Robert C Fullerton as Dr. Unhippa

The Grey Whisper idea was the “proof of concept” piece that I edited first and used to send to WAPJ and to Robin Hood Radio which led to their acceptance of our program. It’s a wonderful romp through a story line that’s reminiscent of the pulp hero stories that

The interaction between Lana Peck (as Twomley) and Kurt Boucher (as Ox) especially when dealing with Josh Newey’s Whiddlebury makes me laugh every time I listen to it.

This is the last episode from the first recording session. It was a wonderful evening but we found in future recordings that it would be best to have a Sunday afternoon recording session moving forward and only rehearsals at night.

We recorded Robert C Fullerton’s musical performance separately and it was an honor to have as our guest Leslie Elias of the Grumbling Gryphons come to the studio for an interview.

Every character in a passenger story has the opportunity to come back for an encore episode but The Grey Whisper especially is intended to be a recurring character and I’m already well under way in writing The Grey Whisper Returns which may be Episode 10.


Episode title: The Grey Whisper: Formula For Success © 2018 J. TIMOTHY QUIRK

The Program Was Created/Written/Produced/Edited by J. Timothy Quirk

Guest Passenger: Leslie Elias

Musical Guest: Robert C. Fullerton













Rehearsed at Trinity Episcopal Church in Torrington

Recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio


The Nutmeg Junction Theme by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2018

Mr. JT (instrumental) by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2018

Janice A. Qua by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2018

Ed McMahon by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2017

Additional music and foley courtesy of Youtube royalty free music or otherwise obtained in the environment by J. Timothy Quirk