Episode 229:The Grey Whisper and The Phantom Flamingo

IMG_7891 (2)

In the 29th episode of the second season of Nutmeg Junction, the Grey Whisper returns! Madeleine Forthwright and her faithful companion, Rusty, visit Leominster, Massachusetts for the Johnny Appleseed Festival. But there’s another mysterious figure in the community: The Phantom Flamingo! Has the Grey Whisper met her match? Starring Jandi Hanna as The Grey Whisper, Rich Cyr as Rusty, AJ Lin as the Unofficial Comb Vendor, and introducing Amanda Yount as The Phantom Flamingo!
In the second story, KJ Johansen reprises her role as Virginia (Ginny) Wyles, the 19th century promoter whose motto is “there are a million bad ideas and she can find the least bad one!” Ginny pitches John Chapman who is about to embark on his journey involving apples, to consider a different fruit.

This episode is dedicated to Leominster, MA and WLPZ.


IMG_7914 (2)
AJ Lin as The Unofficial Comb Vendor, Rich Cyr as Rusty, Jandi Hanna as The Grey Whisper, Amanda Yount as the Phantom Flamingo


IMG_7902 (2)



Episode 229 was written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk and recorded at WAPJ Torrington, Community Radio


Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”

Bach “Toccatta in Fugue”

Robert C. Fullerton “Serendip-History”

The Grey Whisper” The Phantom Flamingo

Jandi Hanna as the Grey Whisper

Rich Cyr as Rusty

Amanda Yount as The Phantom Flamingo

AJ Lin as The Unofficial Comb Vendor

Johnny Lemonseed
KJ Johansen as Virginia (Ginny Wyles)

Kurt Boucher as John Chapman

Jeff Savage as Nathaniel Chapman

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