Episode 230: Tort Law Day


In the 30th episode of season 2 of Nutmeg Junction we celebrate “Tort Law Day”. Tort Law Day is the idea of the American Museum of Tort Law which was founded by Ralph Nader and located in Winsted, Connecticut.

The episode has a Packa-Dermy-Poo mystery squad story starring the squad of Lana Peck, Kurt Boucher, Rich Cyr, Olivia Wadsworth and Packa Dermy Poo as himself and featuring Jerry Crystal, Deborah Goodman, Kristin Moresi, Jack Sheedy and Darcy Abbott.
Then we enjoy a song by Lil’ Tweed called Talking Tort Law Boogie.
Our short story was “Toy-Feasors” about an unscrupulous toy company featuring Jandi Hanna, Kurt Boucher, AJ Lin, Darcy Abbott and Jerry Crystal.
We close out the episode with a fun song previously aired called “Mister Tort Law’ with Kurt Boucher and Lana Peck.
October 5th is Tort Law Day at the American Museum of Tort Law. there will be VIP speakers and the event will have the keynote by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)
The direct link to the Talkin’ Tort Law Boogie can be found HERE!

The Facebook page of the band Cold Beans and We have a Facebook page here:
Lil Tweed is a singer/songwriter of acoustic and electric roots music. You can follow him on Instagram (@The.Real.Lil.Tweed).
He is currently writing and producing an album with the Cold Beans and Bacon Orchestra.
Episode 230 was written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk
Recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio
Packa Dermy Poo theme written and created and performed by Robert C. Fullerton (c)2018 and used with permission.
Talkin’ Tort Law Boogie by Lil’ Tweed (c)2019 and used with permission
Mister Tort Law by Kurt Boucher (c)2018 and used with permission
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart
Res Pachadermus Judicata: Packa-Dermy Poo and the Tort Law written by J. Timothy Quirk
Packa-Dermy-Poo at the Tort Museum
Olivia Wadsworth as Kristine
Lana Peck                as Val
Kurt Boucher          as Simon
Rich Cyr                    as Beau
Jerry Crystal            as Redmond Herring
Kristin Moresi        as B. Thyme
Deborah Goodman  as Baliff
Darcy Abbott            as Judge Mellow
Jack Sheedy              as the Custodian
Toy Feasors
Jandi Hanna
Kurt Boucher
AJ Lin
Deborah Goodman
Darcy Abbott
We hope you enjoyed your trolley ride on Nutmeg Junction and may all your journeys bring you back to a happy home.

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