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Episode 212: Malcolm MacDuff: Theatre Detective (Plus Space Sentries: Vector Theorem II)

Introducing Malcolm MacDuff: Theatre Detective. Jeff Savage stars in the title role and with his faithful associate Concord (Dan Willey) investigates a plot that occurs within a Shakespeare Festival.
Then we continue the Space Sentries: Additional Lineage story The Vector Theorem Part II. On the Salisbury, Ensign Puffle, (Rich Cyr), Lieutenant Laurel Yanny (Lana Peck) and Security Chief Ace Grimsely (Olivia Wadsworth) must deal with the Space Brigand invasion (Robert C. Fullerton and Jeff Savage) with the assistance of Admiral Alx (Kurt Boucher) and Hologram Admiral Complication (Phil Hall).





IMG_3963 (2)

One of the original ideas for Nutmeg Junction that I had yet to write was the Theatre Detective, a Detective that played in to the Theatre tropes of backstage shenanigans. with puns galore.

I finally had the opportunity to write the script and put, if not every Shakespeare pun, certainly everyone I could think of.

IMG_3944 (2)

We then continued the story of Space Sentries. I asked which actors would be available and then tailored the second part of the story to include those characters.

IMG_3957 (2)


IMG_3933 (2)

Nutmeg Junction was written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk (c) 2019
The program was recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio and is available to all
community radio stations.

Malcolm MacDuff Theatre Detective starred
Jeff Savage as Malcolm MacDuff
Dan Willey as Concord
Kurt Boucher as The Director
Olivia Wadsworth as Tamora
Rich Cyr as Nick Bottom
Lana Peck as the Prop Master.

and Robert C. Fullerton as Sampson

Malcolm MacDuff Theme Song written, performed by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2019

Nutmeg Junction Theme Song written, performed by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2019

Space Sentries: The Additional Lineage= The Vector Theorem part two

Jeff Savage as Space Brigand II
Robert C. Fullerton as Space Brigand I

Dan Willey as the Narrator
Kurt Boucher as Admiral Alx
Olivia Wadsworth as Ace Grimsely
Rich Cyr as Ensign Puffle
Lana Peck as the Laurel Yanny

IMG_3939 (2)

Harriet Holmes: Sleep of Angels-the Conclusion

Private Eye Harriet Holmes is in deep in her investigation of the charismatic Congressman Jack Vindle. Discovering just how Vindle is holding illicit communications outside the public eye, Holmes has to take steps to discover the truth but can she do it in time? And what steps will Vindle take as he learns more about Holmes? Is that Vindle outside her door? Tune in to the thrilling conclusion of Harriet Holmes: Sleep of Angels.
Starring Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes
and Nick Bourne as Congressman Jack Vindle
with Jandi Hanna, Robert C. Fullerton and J. Timothy Quirk.
Written by J. Timothy Quirk



This 3 part Harriet Holmes story was a departure from our usual parody/comedy style and we enjoyed the challenge of presenting a more adult concept. We determined hereafter that when we do more adult themed/serious stories that we will do so under the Nutmeg Junction Underground banner so there is no confusion.

Robert C. Fullerton composed and performed the new Harriet Holmes theme which is very exciting.

We didn’t take any new photos the week we recorded this, I believe a lot of us were not 100% as it relates to health.

In conclusion we will do more serious stories in the future, just under the new Underground banner and we hope you enjoyed the tone of this three episode arc!


Season 2 Episode 8: Harriet Holmes: Sleep of Angels 3-the Conclusion

was written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk (C) 2019


Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes

Nick Bourne as Congressman Jack Vindle


Jandi Hanna as Muffy Danvers

Robert C. Fullerton as Pierce

Dan Willey as Muscle

J. Timothy Quirk as Otis

Nutmeg Junction Theme composed, performed by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2018 all rights reserved.

The Harriet Holmes Theme composed, performed by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2019 all rights reserved.

Harriet Holmes: Sleep of Angels Part 2

Private Eye Harriet Holmes continues to investigate the charismatic Congressman Jack Vindle. Her client, wealthy socialite Muffy Danvers, believes Vindle is having communications outside of the public schedule and she wants to know what they are. Holmes attempts to unlock the mystery that includes discovering the motives of her client.

Starring Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes with Nick Bourne as Congressman Jack VIndle.  Also starring Jandi Hanna, Robert C. Fullerton, Dan Willey and J. Timothy Quirk.


20190106_150831 (1)


This series features the original music by Robert C. Fullerton who composed and performed the Harriet Holmes theme.  Musician Robert C Fullerton also acts as Mr. Pierce in our story.

This story is a departure from the usual parody story we often share, it is a darker story and has elements of the Raymond Chandler/Dashiell Hammet school of detective/noir thrillers. With Nutmeg Junction, we celebrate the world of Old Time Radio (audio theater) and there are a plethora of genres that entertained the listening audience. We’ve focused on the comedic aspects of the medium but we can do stories of all varieties and we decided to flex our dramatic muscles with this three part story.

The story was intended to be shared in four or five segments but when our lead actor Nick Bourne had an opportunity to head to the Big Apple, we decided to put the entire story in three episodes. This is why this particular story is only 20 minutes (and we added “Thoughts before Brunch” as a bonus to the episode, but the final chapter (chapter 3) will be the full 30 minutes.



Harriet Holmes: The Sleep of Angels P.1

Nick Bourne as Congressman Jack Vindle and Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes



Private Eye Harriet Holmes takes a case to document the comings and goings of a popular Congressman for a mysterious client. Following a car from the Congressman’s home, Holmes and her assistant Otis discover there may be more to the case than meets the eye in this noir style thriller.

Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes with Hunter Reese as Otis


In this episode we present the first part of a ‘noir” inspired narrative “Harriet Holmes and the Sleep of Angels.  This story is a departure from our usual lighthearted fare.

The story was intended to be a three chapter arc but we found that one of the key actors in the story, Nick Bourne who portrays Congressman Jack Vindle, will be pursuing theater in the city that never sleeps (and we’re rooting for him!) so we will share the part two of the story next week.
Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes
NIck Bourne as Congressman Jack Vindle
Hunter Reese as Otis
with Jandi Hanna, Dan Willey and J. Timothy Quirk

season 2 ep 6 title card official

Episode 15: Space Sentries II


In which the crew of the space ship “Salisbury” arrives at the Vermilion system to pick up First Op. Gillard who had been on shore leave. But how will the Space Sentry Central Command rocket powered transport vessel dock with the Salisbury’s docking station if there’s no engineer to guide the way? Can Ensign Puffle learn the assignment in time?

In Episode 6 we introduced the idea of Space Sentries which is loosely based/parody of the old sci fi shows that had to substitute techno-babble jargon in the place of a budget for appropriate sci-fi ambiance.  Additionally there is one golden age of radio program that certainly hawked a number of products and incorporated them into the stories.

With that in mind, this show is dedicated for the story tellers who learned to utilize the gift of storytelling through toys and imaginative play.  The visual on the episode picture is loosely based on old action figure sets of the 80’s so it gives the impression of them without actually looking like any of them.

Once again Space Sentries stars Rich Cyr as Ensign Puffle, Kurt Boucher as Commander Alx and Phil Hall as Admiral Complication. Joining the episode is Dan Willey as First Op. Gillard.

And for a fun treat we also had three more actors join the cast as the voice of their respective “action figures”, Lana Peck voiced “Laurel (Locksmith) Yannie, Tiffy McKay voiced “Jenny Snips the hair stylist” and Sharon Waagner voiced the enigmatic Dr. Woolf saying the character’s most popular catchphrase.

This episode was tricky to edit as there were four separate audio tracks.


Dan and Sharon both rehearsed with the team on rehearsal night but unfortunately had other obligations for recording day so we recorded them separately (on a Wednesday night).

Then I recorded Lana and Tiffy separately as their action figures only had a few phrases. Well technically Lana’s toy only says one phrase and Tiffy’s figure says one phrase but at the hair salon play set there’s an additional sound that has Jenny Snips say “I’m going to need a bigger comb!”


In my formative years I enjoyed the Star Wars action figures and I can assure you, Hammerhead had greater adventures in my charge than he ever got in the movies.

But in this episode there’s a reference to the old MEGO toys because I refer to a vinyl play set like I used to have with the Star Trek bridge and my sister had with a Wizard of Oz play set.

On the day of recording Rich came off work later than expected so i had to record HIM separately.

So this is one episode where during recording, to help everyone know the pacing of their lines, I voiced every single character from the announcer (Conrad) to Puffle, Alx, Gillard, Complication as well as Yannie, Snips and Woolfe and yet no one will ever hear my versions of these characters as I edited myself out and put in the proper voice in.


In total the editing process had four separate vocal tracks then I added the music and sound effects.

For the main recording day, I had help as Rich Boucher manned the controls and ensured the levels of the performers were in the correct range. We look forward to his work in the future if he chooses to join us on future adventures!

Side note: in the future no one will really get the Laurel Yannie reference. Suffice it to say that for a minute in 2018 facebook blew up with people hearing either Laurel or Yannie in an audio file. Given what we were doing with audio files, I felt this is entirely appropriate to name the character Laurel Yannie.

So we will continue to tell Space Sentries stories and build the crew of the “Salisbury”. The ship is named for a town in the broadcast range of WHDD which plays our program Nutmeg Junction on the multiple stations of the robinhood radio network.

Everyone who was involved in this particular episode enjoyed working on it. We’ll be bringing Dan and Phil back on more adventures in different roles.

We have a big summer planned.




created, written and produced by J. Timothy Quirk

Directed by Conrad Sienkiewicz

Sound Production by Ray Boucher










Nutmeg Junction theme song by Robert C. Fullerton all rights reserved to the performer and used with permission.

Foley and additional music courtesy of Youtube royalty free music