Meet the Cast: Nick Bourne

We add this latest “Meet the Cast” entry on a day of celebration and gratitude for it is a day when we say au revoir to this valued cast member.


Nick Bourne joined the Nutmeg Junction team in late 2018 with a strong recommendation from Lana Peck who worked with him on a one-act playwright festival at the Warner Theater.  Since Bourne had arrived in Torrington, he built a name for himself within the local theatre scene, and in 2018 acted in the aforementioned playwright festival, in The Warner Theatre’s The Unexpected Guest and in The Charlie Brown Christmas. Bourne has extensive stage experience and among the highlights are his roles in the 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee and in Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”.


When he joined us on Junction we offered him many roles, first as a snarflepoof named Calvin in our philosophically inspired faux cartoon show (ala Smurfs or Trolls) in our “Halloween Special” called “Snarfleween”. He voiced multiple characters in the subsequent episode, as a reporter and as a Senator’s aide in a Packy-Dermy-Poo mystery adventure.

Nick then voiced an Agatha Christie inspired character in our spoof of the Christie genre “And Then There was ONE” and performed it LIVE with cast members in early December as part of the “SpeakEasy” show.  In 2019 he was back in episodes 3, 4 an 5 as part of the Spacy Squad (he played Javy Dones-read; Davy Jones in our Brady’s in space story), as the Announcer for the Grey Whisper in episodes 4 and 5 and took on the all important role of Congressman Jack Vindle in the noir “Harriet Holmes: The Sleep of Angels”. for episodes 6 and 7 and his work will be featured in subsequent episodes for Space Sentries: The Additional Lineage” segments.

At the live performance from left to right-Kurt Boucher, Jack Sheedy, Nick Bourne, David Robinson, Rich Cyr, Jandi Hanna, Olivia Wadsworth

Nick will be heading off to pursue grand adventures in the city that never sleeps where the epicenter of world class theater abounds in opportunity. But as he departs we know that some time in the future when time and technology allows, he can voice some more roles again in a “remote location” capacity and our show will be all the better for it!


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