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Episode 35: Three Hours to Midnight

In our New Years Eve special, the Lipstick Project (CT) team of extraordinary actors perform an Inspector Trompe-Loeil mystery! At the jazz supper club “Nothing But Treble”, the Inspector and Mademoiselle Quossont plan to ring in the New Year with a  when the evening’s plans hit a sour note: MURDER!

Click here to listen to the show!


From left to right Jenny Maso, Lauren Gulliver Travers, Marilyn Olsen, Rachel Schulte, Jandi Hanna, Hilary Webster



The Lipstick Project is an amazing group whose mission is to create and promote artistic opportunities for the women plus community. The artistic director Rachel Schulte founded the group in 2014 and since then they have performed in critically acclaimed and often sold out shows throughout New England, most notably the first officially licensed all-women production of “Cabaret”.


As luck would have it, Marilyn Olsen, who holds the post as Director of Charitable giving and the Licensing for The Lipstick Project, has been a previous guest on a prior Nutmeg Junction episode and we discussed the possibility of working on a collaborative effort where the Lipstick Project group could perform our New Years Eve episode.  Once the characters (Trompe-Loeil and Quosonnt) were agreed upon as the subjects for the episode, “Three Hours to Midnight” was written and Rachel and Marilyn approved the script and set about casting the show. It should be said our cast wanted to join them and Jandi Hanna was afforded the opportunity to work with them.

The cast came prepared and rehearsal was fun and went fast.


Marilyn Olsen took on the role of the indomitable Inspector Trompe-Loeil and Rachel Schulte portrayed Mademoiselle Quosonnt. The characters are really fun to write.

Marilyn Olsen as Inspector Trompe-Loeil

Quosonnt being one of the most quick-witted characters I’ve penned. Now in the prior Trompe-Loeil story, Quosonnt had a purposely faux-German mixed in with mid-west American accent as part of an ongoing game of “guess the accent” she has with Trompe-Loeil for she is the world’s greatest actor and this keeps Trompe-Loeil’s skills sharp.. In this story, Schulte plays her with a straight British accent which works two-fold, first it gives the “Masterpiece Theater/BBC” quality to the character and secondly it

Rachel Schulte as Mademoiselle Quosonnt

Jenny Maso has a history with WAPJ as she had her own show so this episode hopefully marks a triumphant return to the airwaves. Maso took on two roles, as Madelyn Torchwynn and Cassandra Wyce and both characters have a lot going on in the dialogue.

Jenny Maso

Lauren Gulliver Travers also took on two roles, as JB and as “waitstaff one”. The purpose of Wait staff one in the very opening is just to indicate that a new person switched tables, which a clever listener will infer later on, this is an important clue even though one might hear it as just a piece of ambiance on first listen. The character of “JB” is almost “disreputable” but clearly has a point of view and Travers makes the most out of the dichotomy between the on-stage, off stage persona of the character.

IMG_0052 (2)

Hilary Webster portrayed two roles as well, that of Jesse Sinclair and that of Detective Brandt, a particular feat as the two parties interact with one another and Sinclair has a heavy emotional content to it.

48406550_2016798008433364_6007906850438119424_n (1)

Jandi Hanna is one of our Nutmeg Junction Original cast members who was fortunate enough to join the Lipstick Project on this episode for the role of Adelaide Treble, the owner of the establishment. What’s interesting is that Hanna was the first actor to portray Inspector Trompe-loeil in an earlier episode and then in the live show. Hanna thought of it like the character of James Bond or Dr. Who where each actor can bring their own interpretation to the role!


The episode is a smashing success and we at Nutmeg Junction look forward to more episodes featuring the Lipstick Project! For more information about the Lipstick Project, find them on Facebook at @lipstickprojectct



Was Episode 35 of Nutmeg Junction and was written by J. Timothy Quirk

The episode was recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio.


Marilyn Olsen portrayed Inspector Trompe-Loeil

Rachel Schulte portrayed Mademoiselle Quosonnt and Stella Atwood

Jenny Maso portrayed Madelyn Torchwynn and Cassandra Wyce

Lauren Gulliver Travers portrayed JB and Waitstaff One

Hilary Webster portrayed Jessie Sinclair and Detective Brandt

Jandi Hanna portrayed Adelaide Treble

Music and sound effects courtesy of Youtube royalty free music with some incidental music by Robert C. Fullerton (c)2018



Episode 14: The Battle of Elsenorift

episode 13 Battle of Elsenorift


The Battle of Elsenorift features an all female cast and female director in honor of our VIP guest, Marilyn Olsen who is a Board Member of The Lipstick Project (CT) that serves the purpose of supporting women artists especially in Theater.

Olivia Wadsworth and Jandi Hanna reprise their roles as Ava and Evelyn and conducted an interview with our guest in the same way that they conducted the interview with Nancy Sasso Janis in episode 11.

ep 14 1

Jandi Hanna was an assistant director during a show I acted in (Twelve Angry Jurors in Goshen). Jandi stepped into the role of director and did a wonderful job working with our actors who had a wide range of theater experience.

Ep 14 3

Jandi also portrayed the Queen and Olivia portrayed the part of Barbaria. When Olivia put on her voice of a slightly stuffy nosed (pretend cold) Barbaria we all cracked up. It worked so perfectly and I wasn’t expecting it.


For some background I had the enormous pleasure of seeing a production of Master Class about the life of Maria Callas starring Marilyn Olsen and which featured Deborah Goodman in a wonderful role as a student.   This episode was a marvelous opportunity to reunite these actors.

Ep 14 6
Here’s Marilyn making Jandi laugh! 

I had just interviewed Marilyn for the Nutmeg CHATTER program where she discussed the Lipstick Project (CT) and asked her if she’d be interested in doing the Junction program. Fortunately she said YES!

Deborah Goodman was on board and immediately “got” the Python-esque feel to some of the repartee between her character and Marilyn’s “Valkyria”.

Ep 14 5

Poet Patricia Martin was also a newcomer to the Junction team but she has an extensive resume of vocal work especially as an author/poet and the creator of the Speak-easy poetry reading series.  So I had her character as “The Scribe” but it was almost unfair as her character has to set up the entire backstory with, as a hallmark of our show, some ridiculous words and phrases to say but with Jandi’s direction and with Patricia’s professionalism it worked out well and Jandi and Patricia had a nice ad-lib moment which made it into the final cut of the show.

Ep 14 4

Shannon Sniffin joined us as The Page and made remarkable work of a character who might have just slipped into the background in lesser hands. Her deadpan style of answering “I shall not tarry, my liege” was a better delivery than my script deserved. I enjoyed her work in Landmark Community Theatre’s production of “The Game’s Afoot” and it was great to have her join us and there will be more opportunities for Shannon and for all of the wonderful actors who worked on the show.

Ep 14 7

It was an honor to be in the room as they worked on this show and I thought how wonderful it would be if others could be there to see the show performed live for it was a rare treat.

I will absolutely ask each actor to come back and certainly, if they work together that theatrical alchemy that was created will be magical once again.




written, created, produced by J. TIMOTHY QUIRK



MARILYN OLSEN as VALKYRIA and as herself







Additional foley and music by YOUTUBE royalty free music or otherwise found in the field by J. Timothy Quirk

All characters and situations are completely fictional. Any similarities between anyone living or dead is completely coincidental.