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Episode 3.20 Cosmic Ventures IV and Fanny and Fred

Welcome to Nutmeg Junction where Bold Stories are told Well

We have two stories to share on our trolley-ride of imagination

Our first story is Cosmic Ventures Episode 4

A surprise impact to their vessel creates unintended consequences for the crew who must attempt to repair the ship before time runs out Starring Amanda Yount, Jason Kulas, AJ Lin and Kurt Boucher

Then we return to Locust Hollow where Fanny and Fred discuss their social distancing and how it relates to Horace’s store over the phone featuring Jandi Hana, Jeff Savage and David Robinson






Episode 2.40 Doctor Keen and the Phenomenal 50, Fanny and Fred and Space Sentries

We present three stories from three of our favorite series on our trolley-ride of imagination


We begin a serialized story Doctor Keen and the Phenomenal 50: The Wizard of Gallows Hill

This is followed by Fanny and Fred: Wilberforce

Finally we present a stand-alone Space Sentries story: What’s in a Name.

Music by Kurt Boucher, Robert C. Fullerton, J. Timothy Quirk and John Philip Sousa.



Notes on Doctor Keen:

Doctor Keen and the Phenomenal 50 is an 8 part serialized story that begins with this episode. This is part 1.  We had originally attempted this story in 2018 but our way of doing the story (a concept we called the”Budget” version and the joke was that there was no music or sound effects and references were in relation to how the show was on a “budget” was funny as a concept but the subject deserved our traditional method of story telling. Further, it was written by Shelby Peck, Lana Peck’s father, as a serialized story so we took that as our cue to make it a serial here.

The music is John Philip Sousa, the request of Lana. I had written a mysterious melody but the character is more triumphant and one is hard pressed to find a more triumphant musical element than a Sousa march. I did create the organ background while Doctor Keen says the “Oath of Righteousness”, a particularly fun word salad.


Fanny and Fred

We performed “Wilberforce Stands Alone” at the Torrington Historical Society. It was written specifically for an event at the Historical Society, inspired by the photo of a dog standing on a plant stand in Torrington.  The original live performance featured Jason Kulas in the role of Flubs.  Both versions were a lot of fun.


Space Sentries

This story was performed live in April for Falls Village, it was such a fun story we wanted to present the studio version.


Episode 219: Fanny and Fred and the Telephone Company and MORE


There are three “station stops” on the Nutmeg Junction trolley for this episode.


The first feature: Fanny and Fred and the Telephone Company. Your friends and mine Fanny and Fred from Locust Hollow have to contend with reaching a live person at the telephone company in this all too real scenario!
Starring Jandi Hanna and Jeff Savage as Fanny and Fred with Laurel Briggs, Kurt Boucher, Lana Peck and J. Timothy Quirk
The second feature: Thank Your Lucky Stars hosted by Jack Sheedy with Robert C. Fullerton. In What’s Kazoo With You, the world’s greatest kazoo club of Syracuse, NY entertain and inform. Starring Jack Sheedy and Robert C. Fullerton with Kurt Boucher, Olivia Wadsworth, David Robinson and Jandi Hanna
Finally the third feature is the first Nutmeg Junction “short” entitled “The Choice” starring Laurel Briggs and J. Timothy Quirk
Nutmeg Junction Episode 219 was written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk (c)2019 and recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio
Fanny and Fred and the Telephone Company
Jandi Hanna as Fanny
Jeff Savage as Fred
Laurel Briggs as Automated Attendant
Kurt Boucher as Spanish Automated Attendant
Lana Peck as Rich Cyr
J. Timothy Quirk as the Announcer
Thank Your Lucky Stars: What’s Kazoo With You
Jack Sheedy as himself
Robert C. Fullerton as himself
Kurt Boucher as Stu
Olivia Wadsworth as Sue
David Robinson as Lou
Jandi Hanna as Murgatroyd
Nutmeg Junction Short: The Choice
Laurel Briggs as Ms. Astor
J. Timothy Quirk as Sam

Episode 213: Fanny and Fred in The Big Box Store!

Nutmeg Junction introduces Fanny and Fred. Down in Locust Hollow, Fanny and Fred make their way in this modern world. Today’s story: The Big Box Store!

Then we continue the journey of the Salisbury crew with another installment of Space Sentries: The Additional Lineage in The Vector Theorem!


Inspired by comedy duo programs like Lum and Abner, we wanted to introduce characters portrayed by Jeff Savage and Jandi Hanna into our lineup of Junction characters.  The story was directly inspired by a trip I had to a store not unlike “Value Fun”. I walked home from the store and wrote out the story that day.

We also introduce the character of “Rich Cyr” which is wonderful because we also have Rich Cyr as a cast member of Nutmeg Junction. Having Rich jump in to the ad was a lot of fun and we have done more of this since. Rich has told me this is his favorite character to play!


Nutmeg Junction was written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk (c)2019.

The program was recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio

Fanny and Fred and the Big Box Store

Jandi Hanna as Fanny

Jeff Savage as Fred

Olivia Wadsworth as Customer

Kurt Boucher as Store Manager

Lana Peck as Store Clerk

Dan Willey as the Announcer

Rich Cyr as himself

The theme music to Fanny and Fred was written created and performed by Kurt Boucher (c)2019 and used with permission.


Space Sentries: The Additional Lineage: Vector Theorem Part 3

Rich Cyr as Ensign Puffle

Kurt Boucher as Admiral Alx

Phil Hall Admiral Complication

Jeff Savage as Space Brigand 2

Lana Peck as Space Brigand 3

Olivia Wadsworth as Ace Grimsely

Jandi Hanna as Lieutenant Machinery

Dan Willey as the Announcer

The theme music to Space Sentries was written created and performed by Robert C. Fullerton and used with permission (c)2019