Episode 2.40 Doctor Keen and the Phenomenal 50, Fanny and Fred and Space Sentries

We present three stories from three of our favorite series on our trolley-ride of imagination


We begin a serialized story Doctor Keen and the Phenomenal 50: The Wizard of Gallows Hill

This is followed by Fanny and Fred: Wilberforce

Finally we present a stand-alone Space Sentries story: What’s in a Name.

Music by Kurt Boucher, Robert C. Fullerton, J. Timothy Quirk and John Philip Sousa.



Notes on Doctor Keen:

Doctor Keen and the Phenomenal 50 is an 8 part serialized story that begins with this episode. This is part 1.  We had originally attempted this story in 2018 but our way of doing the story (a concept we called the”Budget” version and the joke was that there was no music or sound effects and references were in relation to how the show was on a “budget” was funny as a concept but the subject deserved our traditional method of story telling. Further, it was written by Shelby Peck, Lana Peck’s father, as a serialized story so we took that as our cue to make it a serial here.

The music is John Philip Sousa, the request of Lana. I had written a mysterious melody but the character is more triumphant and one is hard pressed to find a more triumphant musical element than a Sousa march. I did create the organ background while Doctor Keen says the “Oath of Righteousness”, a particularly fun word salad.


Fanny and Fred

We performed “Wilberforce Stands Alone” at the Torrington Historical Society. It was written specifically for an event at the Historical Society, inspired by the photo of a dog standing on a plant stand in Torrington.  The original live performance featured Jason Kulas in the role of Flubs.  Both versions were a lot of fun.


Space Sentries

This story was performed live in April for Falls Village, it was such a fun story we wanted to present the studio version.


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