Episode 221: Fanny and Fred vs. GPS and Thank Your Lucky Stars “No Strings!”


We return to the world of Fanny and Fred in this episode of Nutmeg Junction. Fred has a high school reunion in his old home town he has not visited in fifty years. Fanny comes along to give some driving advice and the rental car has a GPS system. Will they ever get to the reunion?  Starring Jandi Hanna and Jeff Savage as Fanny and Fred, with Melissa Gabehart, Kurt Boucher, Rich Cyr and Jack Sheedy, music by Kurt Boucher.

Then on Thank Your Lucky Stars host Jack Sheedy with Robert C. Fullerton invite on to their program the World’s Greatest Audio Theater Puppeteer, Patti-the-Pretty-Good-Puppeteer.played by Laurel Briggs.





This was an unusual episode because nearly every single element of the recording was recorded at a different location and was pieced together.

There was a highly unusual situation that occurred across the street from WAPJ when we had planned on recording the show.

WAPJ is on Water Street in Torrington where there are a number of older structures in town and in one of those structures, a photographer had a studio and in the studio was an old safe which he decided to open only to find that there was a hazardous substance there as a theft-deterrent. The entire street was blocked off.

For safety reasons, I cancelled the recording session.

This left us in a quandary however as to how to record our show.

For Fanny and Fred, Jeff and Jandi along with Rich and Jack Sheedy came in and recorded on a Sunday.  Melissa Gabehart and Kurt Boucher recorded remotely.

Then for Thank Your Lucky Stars, all of it was recorded separately.

Jack recorded on that Sunday. Robert recorded remotely. Laurel Briggs recorded remotely.

The additional audio tracks of music and audience were separate. Fortunately it was only a ten minute piece!

Some of the upcoming episodes (except for next week which is unique for us as we have a guest production to share) were in the same boat as this episode and were recorded separately. Fortunately all of the Nutmeg Junction team turned in wonderful performances and if you didn’t know, you probably couldn’t tell!


Nutmeg Junction Episode 221 was written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk and recorded at WAPJ Torrington, Connecticut.

Jandi Hanna  as Fanny

Jeff Savage as Fred

Jack Sheedy as the Announcer

Rich Cyr as himself

Melissa Gabehart as the GPS

Kurt Boucher as Man on the Porch

Music by Kurt Boucher (C) 2019 and used with permission.

Interlude music by M. Quirk and used with permission

IMG_8068 (2)

Thank Your Lucky Stars

Jack Sheedy as himself

Robert C. Fullerton as himself

Laurel Briggs a s Patti the Pretty-Good Puppeteer



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