Episode 222: The Narada Radio Company Presents “Ghost Lantern”

Nutmeg Junction would like to introduce you to The Narada Radio Company, created by Pete Lutz. Pete Lutz is the son, grandson and father of community theatre actors, and a lifelong devotee to Old-Time Radio programs. In order to fulfill his desire to make his own audio plays, he created the Narada Radio Company (80+ members and growing) and began podcasting the “Pulp-Pourri Theatre” anthology series in 2013. The fourth and final season wrapped in 2018, and a 12-chapter Western serial, “Jake Dimes, Range Detective”, finished in early 2019. The Narada Radio Company occasionally performs live in local venues (in the Corpus Christi, TX, area), and is currently appearing in an all-new horror anthology podcast series, “The Cellar”, which at present has released three episodes of a planned 24. These plays are a mix of originals by Pete and guest playwrights, dramatized tales from the pulps, and adaptations of stage and screenplays. Not one of us gets paid for appearing on stage nor for our podcast performances — we are indeed “The Community Theatre of the Mind”.




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