Script Analyst to Join Nutmeg Junction Team

Carlo Dall’Olmo is not only the founder and president of the Phoenix Screenwriters Association, he is now the script analyst for the Nutmeg Junction.

The Phoenix Screenwriters Association is an active membership based 501c3 organization with a mission to educate the screenwriters of the future . Their website states, “Through our networking events, screenwriting courses and industry Q&As, we bring Hollywood to Phoenix.” Since 2009, Dall’Olmo helped build this community of screenwriters in the Phoenix, Arizona area and after years of meet-ups, script reading events including ones with actors performing the scripts, seminars with leading screenwriters and producers in the film industry, he saw the group become an official 501(c)(3) organization in 2016. He is currently the board President.

Dall’Olmo will bring his knowledge of script writing to the Nutmeg Juction radio show. Not every radio story will require the Dall’Olmo touch but as the script analyst, Dall’Olmo will help the Nutmeg Junction team with stories that have a particularly cinematic flair for this audio-only medium.

“We’re excited to have Carlo Dall’Olmo on board the Nutmeg Junction trolley of imagination,” says J. Timothy Quirk, the creator of the radio program. “Carlo brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to everything he does and his contribution will help elevate our work.  ”

The first script to be produced in this capacity is a Western tale  which is projected to be recorded this month.

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