Season 2: Episode 1 Giles and Brewster and the Monster Apocalypse


We begin Season 2 of our audio theater golden-age-of-radio style program by paying homage to the work of the great humorist PG Wodehouse in our loving parody that posits the question, how would the aristocratic world of a gadfly nephew and his gentleman’s gentleman handle an apocalyptic world filled with vampires, werewolves, zombies and more. The answer is found in our two part episode entitled “Giles and Brewster and the Monster Apocalypse” This is PART ONE






Giles and Brewster and the Monster Apocalypse was written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk

The program was recorded at WAPJ, Torrington Community Radio

The program starred:
David Macharelli as Woodrow Brewster

Josh Newey as Giles

Lana Peck as Gloria Chennington

Shannon Sniffin as Gwenivere Chuttle

Jandi Hanna as Aunt Agnes

Kurt Boucher as Toppers

Olivia Wadsworth as Lady Chennington

Robert C. Fullerton as Lord Chennington

And J Timothy Quirk as Butterby and Gussie Knitfottle

Nutmeg Junction theme song created and performed by Robert C. Fullerton ©2018

Additional music and sound courtesy of youtube royalty free music

Please tune in next time for the conclusion, part two of Giles and Brewster and the Monster Apocalypse

Season 2 we will continue to bring you more unique adventures including more of The Grey Whisper, Space Sentries, Tex Bijou and all of your favorite characters.

Until next time, we hope you enjoyed the ride and may all of your journeys bring you back to a happy home.

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