Episode 16: Professor A-Chapter Four: The Welcome Wagon


Professor A: Chapter Four-The Welcome Wagon is part of a multi-episode story that ends on a cliffhanger and continues until the next episode (which also ends on a cliff hanger-slightly spoiler alert!)


The topic of “immigration” and detention was prevalent on the minds of the American conscience in July 2018 and I had proposed a story that was, in hindsight, incredibly dark however not as dark as the reality that some in the country faced for the story I proposed was still only about adults and not children who were detained, imprisoned and separated from their loved ones.


I received feedback from the actors that the concepts would work if kept within the prism of the Professor world.  At their recommendation, I believe specifically Lana Peck’s (Lana portrays the Professor), I wrote a story that did not take place in America or even Earth but rather on a different world within the multi-verse.


It was the correct decision.

The response back when the script was presented was extremely favorable as it hit the right tone while still presenting difficult and complex themes in a powerful way. The continuation of the story (which is in Episode 17) delves deeper into these dark themes while still keeping the essence of a Professor A story in Nutmeg Junction.

IMG_6145 (2)

This is a three-actor episode. Lana portrays both the Professor and Officer Funston and her vocal work as Officer Funston is not to be missed.  With the echo (reverb) on the vocal track there is an eerie quality in the seemingly gracious words Funston is saying to the visitors.   As always Kurt Boucher portrays Dr. Robere and Tiffy McKay portrays Ms. Gentry.

We recorded this episode on the same day as Space Sentries II and was directed by Conrad Sienkiewicz.

We recorded Lana’s Officer Funston voice separately from her Professor A performance and then edited it together.


The quote from Sir Isaac Newton is real.

I am extremely proud with how Episodes 16 and 17 came out and I can’t wait to explore this story further in August.



Episode 16: Professor A: Chapter Four-The Welcome Wagon

Written by J. Timothy Quirk (c)2018

Directed by Conrad Sienkiewicz

Professor A Theme written and performed by Lana Peck (c)2018


Lana Peck as Professor A and Officer Funston

Kurt Boucher as Dr. Robere

Tiffy McKay as Ms. Gentry

Rehearsed and recorded at WAPJ studio in Torrington CT

Additional music and foley sourced by Youtube Royalty free music or otherwise located in the field by J. Timothy Quirk


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