Episode 5: Professor A-Adjunct Professor to the Multiverse

Nutmeg Junction: Josh Newey, Kurt Boucher, Olivia Wadsworth, Conrad Sienkiewicz (front), Lana Peck, Tiffy McKay, Jandi Hanna   Rehearsal of Professor A

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Show notes/photos

Tiffy McKay with Lana Peck recording “Professor A”

This was an exciting episode and it’s a wonder as it was only the 7th episode that we worked on but it’s very complex and the editing was challenging and ultimately thoroughly rewarding. The end result is a program that took our show to the next level.  We released this one as episode as Episode 5 because the lead actor, Lana Peck, has a starring role in Young Frankenstein at Theatreworks New Milford so we wanted to time the release of the show to coincide with that auspicious occasion.

Our episode has a VIP vocal actor Tiffy McKay, who is a children’s book author. McKay’s enthusiasm and professionalism performing as “Ms. Gentry” (and as the passenger who discovers the Prof. A book) ensured her a permanent recurring role in the Prof A stories.

This is the first episode where we do not have a musical guest or VIP interview and went straight for audio theater for the entire episode.

Josh Newey, Kurt Boucher and Jandi Hanna recording “Professor A”

The theme music was created by Lana Peck and it has a wonderful sound effect I used throughout the episode when the Vortex is created.  In fact we actually rehearsed and recorded three “chapters” of the Prof A “book” but when music and sound effects were added along with “pregnant pauses” as best befits the storyline, we found only two of the “chapters” fit in the half hour story. Therefore we know we’ll be enjoying more adventures of Prof A, Robere and Ms. Gentry in the future!

Professor A pays homage to the time-traveling parallel world hopping adventures of… well, adventurers who do that sort of thing and certainly the accents used by all the performers identify the region of the world where some of the most prominent characters of that genre were created.


The show was directed by Conrad Sienkiewicz during the rehearsal but I took on “associate director” role during the recording and it demonstrated how much we value having a director separate from a sound engineer.

We had a guest during rehearsal, actor Olivia Wadsworth, who was to be our invited guest for the late April and May episodes. She added her voice along with Rich Cyr and Jandi to the “students” who run away at the beginning of the first chapter. Rich Cyr couldn’t be at the rehearsal but he was there for the recording and he took the photos of the recording that I’ve posted throughout these show notes.

J. Timothy Quirk reviewing the script as we record Professor A

Regarding the Writing:

I wrote the characters Prof A and Robere specifically for Lana and Kurt Boucher respectively.  When the script was submitted to Tiffy, Lana and Kurt, I believe all of them individually asked if the roles could be performed in a particular accent and I knew Josh Newey (who portrays Chessman) could do one.

The first “chapter” I wrote as a stand alone and sent it to all of the actors and Director Conrad Sienkiewicz. The challenge there was to create an entire world point of view, the relevant characters and a story with a beginning, middle and end all in about twelve pages which I accomplished.  When there was universal acceptance of that script, I took to writing a second and then a third chapter.

Jandi Hanna and Josh Newey (not as Chessman but as a different character) have a marvelous turn in the third chapter of this story which we found will have to be shared when Professor A RETURNS!


For the character of “Chessman” the ultimate idea was to depict a protege of the main time-traveling heroic figure who had gone down what most would consider the wrong road but had his own point of view with a reason for doing the things he does.  The backstory for this character was about as dark as I’ve gone thus far in writing.  We’ll definitely see more of this character.

For the second “chapter”, note that as with anything, every idea’s already been done at least once. As it so turns out there is a Sci Fi show of a popular franchise which featured a “tardigrade” so it’s somewhat similar to using the “mite” I used for a Demodex Rex in a way but I had not seen the episode (I didn’t spring for the “all access” kind of platform that cost $ so I never saw it) and I wasn’t using the mite in the same way at all and ultimately my story boiled down to just the idea of evolution growing a large mite and the protagonist wanting the eggs of this creature to offer as a trade (which occurs in a third chapter of my story). Interestingly, the tardigrade from that franchise Sci-Fi show was argued as a controversy because of similarities between their use of that idea and a different “gamer” story-line? So my use of having a Demodex (Rex) wasn’t inspired by either item and I doubt anyone who listens to the story would believe it either.



Bearing in mind our radio program pays homage to concepts of Old Time Radio but none of the ideas or stories or characters are copies of any specific character and at best any similarity between any particular character would be a parody.

On Editing

I relied extensively on the cinematic music found in youtube royalty free music and sound effects found myself and by Tiffy McKay.

I edited a rough draft of the first Chapter (The Fair Trade) and sent it to the group. I received valuable feedback from Lana and Tiffy and reworked some of the music and sound and Josh came in for a second read so I could get the volume more precise.

The second chapter I didn’t have the luxury of time to send out for feedback etc so this portion may or may not require some tweaking at some point but the ultimate idea of this one was fun.


Episode title: Professor A: Adjunct Professor to the Multiverse © 2018 J. TIMOTHY QUIRK

The Program Was Created/Written/Produced/Edited by J. Timothy Quirk

Guest Actor: Tiffy McKay











Rehearsed at Trinity Episcopal Church in Torrington

Recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio


The Nutmeg Junction Theme by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2018

Mr. JT (instrumental) by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2018


Additional music and foley courtesy of Youtube royalty free music or otherwise obtained in the environment by J. Timothy Quirk

Additional foley by Tiffy McKay

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