Barnaby Druthers: The Wolf at the Vicar’s Door

Nutmeg Junction proudly presents Barnaby Druthers audio theater.  

While investigating the affairs of the late Sir Brighton and his estate, Barnaby and Irene enter the lives of Vicar Charles Peters and his wife Evelyn in a gothic fiction inspired tale.

An original work of fiction. Any similarty between any person or events living or dead is completely coincidental. 

Barnaby Druthers and the Wolf at the Vicar’s door 

Written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk 

Starring Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry Rolleston 

Featuring Dan Willey as the Vicar and Deborah Goodman as Evelyn Peters 

With John Fabiani, Tiffy McKay, David Robinson, Kurt Boucher 

Directed by Aj Lin music by  Bob Eccleston. Piano by Christiane Olson 

Ancillary string loops courtesy of soundtrap.  

Written created and produced by j. Timothy Quirk 


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