Barnaby Druthers 2.4: The secret Serenade Part 2 of 2

Barnaby Druthers and the Secret Serenade Part 2 of 2
Written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk (c) 2021
Directed by AJ Lin
Piano performed by Christiane Olson
Theme and Incidental Music by Bob Eccleston
Starring Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry Rolleston
Featuring Jandi Hanna as Almut Scholz
with Kurt Boucher, Lana Peck, Jeff Savage, Matt Griffiths, Eli Tucker
Barnaby Druthers and the Secret Serenade parts one and two are works of fiction. 

Any similarities between events or persons living or deceased are completely coincidental. 

Mozart’s secret serenade was actually Mozart’s piano sonata #9. 

Chopsticks was written in 1877 by Euphemia Allen  

Also featured in part one of the Secret Serenade is Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca. 

Barnaby Druthers is a Nutmeg Junction production. 

More information about Nutmeg Junction is found on nutmegjunction dot com and on facebook/nutmeg junction. 

Thank you for listening and supporting community radio. 


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