Episode 2.38: Moby Dick Part 1 (of 2)

Moby Dick: The Radio Play Adapted by Phil Hall was an idea offered by Phil Hall in July 2018 and through tenacity and determination, the concept became a reality, airing December 1st, 2019. Through many rehearsals and rewrites and multiple recording sessions throughout 2019. The first draft of the first section of the story written by Hall in October 2018 with a subsequent rewrite that December. After the April Nutmeg Junction celebration, more focus was placed on Moby Dick. A second draft was submitted in July 2019 and then after more rewrites, the third version was ready in August and the majority of the show was recorded in September.  After Nutmeg Junction performed two more live shows (one in October, one November), the editing process commenced.


More information on whaling can be found in locations like New Bedford, MA and Mystic, Connecticut.

editors note: It took 14 hours to produce this half hour first half of Moby Dick.


“Moby Dick: The Radio Play.” Part One.

This production is based on the Herman Melville novel and has been adapted for radio by Phil Hall. The original music score and sound effects are the work of Bob Eccleston. Additional music was performed by Robert C. Fullerton.

Moby Dick stars Rich Cyr as Ishmael and Phil Hall as Captain Ahab.

And features, in order of appearance, the voices of

Danny Saed as Queequeg and Daggoo.

Jandi Hanna as Mrs. Coffin and voice in the church

Jeff Savage as Father Mapple and Starbuck,

Olivia Wadsworth as Pip and voice in the church

Lana Peck as Elijah and voice in the church

Robert C. Fullerton as Stubb,

Kurt Boucher as Flask and the Carpenter,

Jack Sheedy as both Tashtego and the Captain of the Rachel,

Jerry Crystal as Captain DeVere,

J. Timothy Quirk as Peleg


The production of this radio play, was directed and produced by J. Timothy Quirk and recorded WAPJ, Torrington Community Radio in Torrington, Connection.

This is a presentation of “Nutmeg Junction.”

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