Episode 2.37: The Hunt for a Mystery

The Hunt for a Mystery and Thank Your Lucky Stars: Amazing Andi (studio versions)

Today we have two special stories on our trolley ride of imagination.

Our fist story is The Hunt for A Mystery, a script that was originally written and then performed live during the live show in April 2019. This is the official studio version. The story is notable as it showcases many of our favorite characters including Harriet Holmes, Nathaniel and Netta Chance, Inspector Trompe-Loeil, Daring Darling Darly, Doctor Unhippa Redmond Herring, Lenny Snitchwell and there’s even a reference to Packa-Dermy-Poo.

In our second story, we enjoy another visit to Thank Your Lucky Stars with Jack Sheedy. This was the first Thank Your Lucky Stars script ever, the Amazing Andi and it was from this first script that all of the other Thank Your Lucky Stars stories sprung.

We hope you enjoy this special episode of Nutmeg Junction.


Nutmeg Junction was written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk and recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio.

The Hunt For a Mystery starred

Olivia Wadsworth as Harriet Holmes

Jandi Hanna as Inspector Trompe-Loeil

Deborah Goodman as Daring Darling Darly

Kurt Boucher as Nathaniel Chance

Lana Peck as Netta Chance

Jeff Savage as Redmond Herring

Jack Sheedy as Lenny Snitchwell

David Macharelli as Doctor Unhippa

Rich Cyr as The Librarian

Thank Your Lucky Stars: the Amazing Andi


Olivia Wadsworth as Andi

Jack Sheedy as the host

And Deborah Goodman as the “volunteer”

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Nutmeg Junction.

May all your journeys bring you back to a happy home.

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