Episode 2.33 Professor A: Two Stories

Nutmeg Junction Episode 233: Professor A: Two Stories

We have two Professor A stories on the trolley ride of imagination.
The first story is The Simulacrum.  A famine has ravaged the land of serpentine beings known as the Anacondians. As Professor A searches for a solution, the situation is complicated by Doctor Robere’s relationship with an Anacondian who has promised him a memorable “constriction ceremony”.

Starring Lana Peck, Kurt Boucher, Tiffy Mckay, with AJ Lin, Jason Kulas, Rich Cyr, Jandi Hanna and Amanda Yount.

Our second Professor A story is The Times Arrow Trap.

Professor A and Doctor Robere use the vortex corridor to reach a quantum field observatory where Doctors Illian and Themy are investigating a fluctuation in space which appears to be a “pocket of time’.

Featuring Lana Peck, Kurt Boucher, Michael Illian, Catarina Quinonez and David Robinson


Kurt Boucher as Doctor Robere, Catarina Quinonez as Doctor Themy, Lana Peck as Professor A, Michael Illian as Doctor Illian and David Robinson (seated) as the computer

Show Notes

Professor A was one of the first regularly recurring Nutmeg Junction characters. Originally appearing in the fifth episode of the entire program, Professor A has returned many times with one-shot stories and grand epic multi-episode adventures.  The most recent Professor A story was a two-parter entitled The Dean of Death. (Episodes 211 and 212).

This episode features two stories which we recorded at two different times and venues. The first we recorded in the studio of WAPJ over the summer. It was so hot inside the studio we often sent actors out if they were not immediately required to say their lines. The Simulacrum marked a fun milestone as it featured many cast members of Tiffy McKay’s “48 hour film project” who were joining us at that time for the first time (Jason Kulas, Amanda Yount, AJ Lin)

The second story was recorded LIVE at Citizens TV in Hamden for the Nerd Talk episode in October. This particular story featured Michael Illian and Catarina Quinonez into the Professor A-verse and was written in such a way that when it is heard a second time, the listener can appreciate the points in time where Illian and Themy (Quinonez) are compared to where/when Professor A and Robere are in the story.  Tiffy Mckay was unavailable for the recording so this story most likely would be placed in a time line before Ms. Gentry joined the Professor and Robere in the vortex corridor. David Robinson jumped in to assist us as the voice of the computer.


Nutmeg Junction episode 2.33 was written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk.

The Professor A Theme written, created and performed by Lana Peck ©2018 and used with permission.

The Simulacrum

Lana Peck as Professor A

Kurt Boucher as Doctor Robere

Tiffy McKay as Ms. Gentry

Aj Lin as Quadrawindalunalistra

Jandi Hanna as Matrabalaformalistra

Amanda Yount as Adelfinilystrilistra

Jason Kulas as Militrilimylicystra

Rich Cyr as Anacondian


The Time’s Arrow Trap

Lana Peck as Professor A

Kurt Boucher as Doctor Robere

Michael Illian as Doctor Illian

Catarina Quinonez as Doctor Themy

David Robinson as the Computer

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Nutmeg Junction and may all your journeys bring you back to a happy home.


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