Episode 27: Nightmare Junction II: The Sad Case of Dr. Horace Wells


In the second Halloween special for Nutmeg Junction (Nightmare Junction) the corpse conductor introduces us to the strange case of Dr. Horace Wells, which is based on a true story of a Dentist in Connecticut and may have been the inspiration for the story “Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde”.


The second tale is a fun story of a poetry reading gone wrong! This one we plan to do LIVE for an audience very soon!

And as a bonus, there’s a wonderful original song by Lana Peck called “Sweet Severed Head” which works perfectly for the Halloween special!

The tale of Dr. Horace Wells was offered first by Conrad Sienkiewicz and followed up by Lana Peck, both of whom shared insight into the piece.

The role of Dr. Wells was portrayed by award winning Atlanta actor Danny Cook, our first “remote actor” for the show (as we record in Connecticut).


Thoughts before Breakfast was specifically created for a live event which will occur in the near future!

Nutmeg Junction: Nightmare Junction Special #2

Was written by J. Timothy Quirk

The sad case of Dr. Wells was Based on the ideas suggestion by Conrad Sienkiewicz and Lana Peck

With input on the Corpse Conductor by Josh Newey

It starred

Danny Cook as Dr. Wells

Josh Newey as the Corpse Conductor and Professor Colton

Olivia Wadsworth as Elizabeth

Kurt Boucher as Riggs

Rich Cyr as Samuel Cooley

Jandi Hanna as Morton

Melissa Gabehart as the patient


The song sweet severed head written and performed by lana peck © 2013 lana peck music used with permission all other rights reserved to the artist

Thoughts Before Brunch

Written by J. Timoty Quirk

Rich Cyr as Brad

Kurt Boucher as Brian

Jandi Hanna as Marcia

We hope you enjoyed the ride on Nutmeg Junction and may all your journeys bring you back to a happy home..

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