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Press: Nutmeg Junction Interview on Nerd Talk (Citizens Television) 6/6/2018

On June 6, 2018 Lana Peck, Rich Cyr and J. Timothy Quirk were invited to be a part of the Nerd Talk program on Citizens Television in New Haven, CT to discuss Nutmeg Junction.

nutmeg junction meets nerd talk on ctv

Kurt Boucher, co-host of the Nerd Talk program, is also an original cast member of Nutmeg Junction. Often paired with Lana Peck (see:  Nathaniel and Netta Chance mysteries and especially The Professor episodes) and with Rich Cyr (see Space Sentries episodes), Boucher is well versed in Nutmeg Junction lore. With Nerd Talk Co-host Michael Illian and the puppet “George”, Boucher and the Nutmeg Junction members discussed the concept and favorite moments of the show.


Around the 11:30 mark viewers are given a treat: a behind the scenes video of a rehearsal and recording of The Professor episode which featured Lana, Kurt and Tiffy McKay with Jandi Hanna, Josh Newey,  Olivia Wadsworth and Rich Cyr with director Conrad Sienkiewicz and J Timothy Quirk.



It was an honor to be on the program. The dedicated team that puts Nerd Talk together for Citizens Television in New Haven is admirable and noteworthy and we hope to have another opportunity to visit in the future!