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Barnaby Druthers: The MIdnight Phantom of the Boardwalk (full story)

Irene and Barnaby are hired by a Delaware business association to investigate the appearances (and assaults) created by the mysterious figure known only as the Midnight Phantom of the Boardwalk! Can Irene and Barnaby piece together the mystery?

AUDIO: Part One (of Two)

AUDIO: Part Two (of Two)


Written and created by J. Timothy Quirk

Directed by AJ Lin  Music by Bob Eccleston

Starring Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry Rolleston


Beverly Wanza Jones

Jeff Savage

Amy Petrucci

Rich Cyr

Jim Miron

 David Macharelli

 Colin Studley

James Studley

AJ Lin

 Olivia Wadsworth

Produced by Kurt Boucher and J. Timothy Quirk