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Barnaby Druthers: the First SHort Story Collection

In today’s episode of Barnaby Druthers we present the first collection of short stories and vignettes. These stories provide further insight into the background of prior stories.

The third episode of the inaugural season of Barnaby Druthers was The Duchess’ Judas Window. In this story we met Lionel Johnson, a poet who recalls Barnaby assisting him on a case.  It should be noted Lionel Johnson was a real person and poet, but his depiction in our stories is completely fictional.  In the Duchess’ Judas Window, Johnson recalls Barnaby assisting him with a case. This story, Of Rhyme and Reason is that case.  Please enjoy.

In our fourth episode, The Chuzzleby Carbuncle, we learn that a particular jewel in the possession of the Chuzzleby family is cursed.  We learn the true history of that jewel in this new, never heard before short story titled “The Talbot Carbuncle”.

In the fifth episode Enoch the Enigmatic was involved in an extraordinary case that Barnaby and Irene had to solve. This short story describes Enoch’s attempt to return to the stage in Enoch’s return.

In season 2 episode 10, the listeners are introduced to Winston Fawcett Webley, a gentleman of dubious character.  We learn a little of his background and motivation in this short vignette entitled “The Instruction”

We hope you enjoyed this first collection of short stories involving the world of Barnaby Druthers. Rest assured there are more short stories, full length stories and multi-episode stories in the Druthersverse to follow.  Barnaby Druthers stories are created for community radio. All episodes are found on Barnaby druthers dot com and are free to download, and free to share on any non-commercial community radio station.  The flagship audio theater anthology series program is entitled Nutmeg Junction which has a website nutmeg junction dot com and on facebook.


Barnaby Druthers: The MIdnight Phantom of the Boardwalk (full story)

Irene and Barnaby are hired by a Delaware business association to investigate the appearances (and assaults) created by the mysterious figure known only as the Midnight Phantom of the Boardwalk! Can Irene and Barnaby piece together the mystery?

AUDIO: Part One (of Two)

AUDIO: Part Two (of Two)


Written and created by J. Timothy Quirk

Directed by AJ Lin  Music by Bob Eccleston

Starring Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry Rolleston


Beverly Wanza Jones

Jeff Savage

Amy Petrucci

Rich Cyr

Jim Miron

 David Macharelli

 Colin Studley

James Studley

AJ Lin

 Olivia Wadsworth

Produced by Kurt Boucher and J. Timothy Quirk