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Episode 332. Barnaby Druthers and the Ghost of William Terriss

Barnaby Druthers and the Ghost of William Terriss. A return to the classic case files of Barnaby Druthers in the Victorian era in London. A fictionalized account based on true events, the listener is invited into the Viscountess’ parlor to hear a story that requires Barnaby and Irene to investigate elements of the world of the supernatural. 


written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk

Directed by AJ Lin

Starring Devon Richtmeyer and Humphry Rolleston


David Macharelli

Kurt Boucher

Olivia Wadsworth

Jason Kulas

Jandi Hanna

Jeff Savage

Jack Sheedy

and featuring Lana Peck as the Viscountess

Music by Bob Eccleston