Episode 3.13 Barnaby Druthers and The Mouse Trap

In this Nutmeg Junction audio theater episode Barnaby Druthers returns. Barnaby and Irene Adler attend Enoch The Enigmatic’s magic performance but notice something amiss when Lord Pemberty is called upon to be a participant in the magic. The duo must investigate the mystery of the Mouse Trap!

Produced by Olivia Wadsworth

The program stars Devon Richtmeyer as Irene Adler and Humphry Rolleston as Barnaby Druthers

With Paul Starybrat as Enoch the Engimatic, Eastlynd Bates as Valentina, Kurt Boucher as Lord Pemberty, David Macharelli as Smythe, Jason Kulas as Inspector Gregson and Jandi Hanna as Mrs. Kipling



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