Episode 2.35 Three Sci-Fi Stories


We have three “science fiction stories” on our trolley ride of imagination. First we present Duke Danger: Man out of Time, an exploration of our expectations of the future. Second we present vignettes from Space Wars and we conclude with the introduction of a new ongoing adventure series called Cosmic Ventures.

Duke Danger: Man out of Time stars David Macharelli, Devon Richtmeyer, Jeff Savage, Jandi Hanna and Jerry Crystal in D-music by Robert C. Fullerton.

Vignettes from Space Wars stars Dan Willey and Jerry Crystal.

Cosmic Ventures (ep1) stars Amanda Yount, Jason Kulas and AJ Lin

Listen here:

Episode 235: Three Sci-Fi Stories was written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk and recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio

The Duke Danger theme and the Cosmic Ventures theme written, created and performed by Robert C. Fullerton.

Duke Danger starred

David Macharelli as Duke Danger

Devon Richtmeyer as Doctor Blarfwhopple

Jandi Hanna as Future Doctor Blarfwhopple

Jeff Savage as Doctor Phlegmagen

with Jerry Crystal as the announcer


Vignettes from Space Wars starred

Jerry Crystal as Garth Caterer

Dan Willey as Opie Juan and Your Pal Palpa-teen


Cosmic Ventures (Ep1)

Amanda Yount as Kyper

Jason Kulas as Clarke

AJ Lin as Sarvol


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