Episode 218: Thank Your Lucky Stars (Once Upon a Mime) and more!

Episode of Nutmeg Junction for June 8th weekend has “Thank Your Lucky Stars” a talk show with Jack Sheedy and Robert C Fullerton. Their guest is the “World’s Greatest’ Audio Theater Mime!”
Then we have the Doc Keen LIVE story from the live show that didn’t make it on to the three live episodes. Finally we end with a classic Professor A story: My Brother’s Keeper.



The live show featured a fun segment called Thank Your Lucky Stars with host Jack Sheedy and had The World’s Greatest Audio Theater Magician (played by Olivia Wadsworth) and Deborah Goodman as a “volunteer” participant in the magic.

The conceit of having guests as “World’s Greatest Audio Theater (something-that-shouldn’t-be-on-the-radio)” was a lot of fun, so much fun in fact that we decided to create a series of three 10 minute segments and if we have more ideas, we’ll create more!

So this first ten minute TYLS segment is “Once Upon a Mime” The world’s greatest audio theater MIME, played by Melissa Gabehart!

Now we were going to pair it with another Fanny and Fred story but as luck would have it, the story wasn’t finished in time (it will be recorded this weekend) but fortunately we had something else to share, one segment of a show we had not yet been aired: the Doc Keen LIVE story that we had to edit out of three live shows.  It was only edited out because the popular Fanny and Fred segment took up a time period longer than projected when the audience reaction time was factored into the equation.  So we are sharing it now

Finally we wanted to share a ten minute (or so) Professor A story and a stand alone one is “My Brother’s Keeper”. Joining the regulars Lana Peck (Professor A), Kurt Boucher (Dr. Robere) and Tiffy McKay (Ms. Gentry) are Josh Newey and Jandi Hanna in unforgettable roles!


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