Episode 214: Nutmeg Junction LIVE (P.1)


Nutmeg Junction performed full shows live for the very first time on 4/27/2019 at the Center on Main in Falls Village, CT. This is the audio of part one of the evening where the audio theater team performed 3 episodes.

LISTEN HERE: Although the audio is not perfect, it does give the flavor of the production.

It was an incredible experience to perform our program live in front of an audience. This production was a celebration of our first year as an audio-theater program.


We performed as a benefit for the Lee H. Kellogg School.

We are grateful for the Center on Main in Falls Village for their hospitality in bringing this show to their beautiful stage.

We recorded three episodes.

This is Part One.

Our Conductor was Conrad Sienkiewicz.

Out guest conductor here was Sloan.

Foley artists were J. Timothy, Mariel and Patrick


Submitted herein are two stories:

The Grey Whisper and The Mystery of the Folly Wall


Fanny and Fred and the Big Box Store

The stories were written by J. Timothy Quirk (c) 2019

Music by Robert C. Fullerton (c)2019 all rights reserved

and Kurt Boucher (c)2019 all rights reserved

The Grey Whisper and the Folly Wall


Jandi Hanna

Rich Cyr

Jack Sheedy

Dan Willey

Olivia Wadsworth



Fanny and Fred starred

Jandi Hanna

Jeff Savage

Kurt Boucher

David Robinson

Lana Peck



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