Episode 2: What’s the Good Word

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This was the first episode we actually rehearsed and recorded. In fact we rehearsed the episodes one one night. Then we recorded those three episodes on one night in late January. W e recorded the show out of sequence, recording the musicians first and then different segments of each show which made the editing process a challenge.

Our musical guest for this episode was the incredible duo Belle of the Fall.


Belle of the Fall was amazing. They have just released their second album and they have an album release concert at Infinity Bistro in Norfolk, Ct on 4/22. They performed two songs for us and they were wonderful. The applause was spontaneous and well deserved.

The episode was recorded by Barrie Soucy of WAPJs Miscellaneous Morning Show.

Our first guest star was Rich Cyr, the comedian and author (and soon to be podcaster). Rich has always been an entertaining individual and his creative energies seem to be limitless. I interviewed him for a Nutmeg Chatter post a few years back. Then I had the opportunity with my friend KJ Johansen on our show Black Tie Lunchbox.  And further, when I wrote about an Improv group out of (at that time) Derby called Sterling Lion, I discovered he was a part of that group too!  So I was well aware of his talents. When he came to the show he offered his vocal abilities to a role in the FOLLOWING episode after that one and we knew he’d be a great fit for our group. He was invited to join us as a Nutmeg Junctioneer. As this was the first episode we ever did and he was a part of it and the subsequent ones, he holds a rare distinction of being our first GUEST and being a founding member of the Nutmeg Junction team.


The idea we had for the passenger story pays homage to game shows of old and of a particular familiar golden age comedian who hosted a very popular game show.  I enjoy the dynamic between Lana Peck and Kurt Boucher who act and perform together with the group Glum Puppet.  Josh Newey jumped in for the announcer and does a wonderful job.

Caroline Sienkiewicz and our director Conrad Sienkiewicz are passengers who come take the train. Originally we had the idea of recording the song every single time. That was not a particularly effective idea for time and resources so that idea was scrapped.

My “JT (J. Timothy Quirk) character’s interaction with Jandi Hanna’s Lead Conductor Margot was meant to tell a short story within a story.  The character of Lead Conductor Margot was created specifically to have a three story arc, to announce a retirement, prepare for it and then retire.  As stated in the past episode, we liked Jandi’s character so much, we used the fourth episode written/rehearsed/recorded (Blaze Jackson)  as our premiere episode to give that character more time on the air. As for my character I was listening to a lot of Jack Benny episodes before writing the script and I was thinking of an older, sometimes flawed but engaging host of the show.  That was the concept. We were learning here in our pilot episodes but I think and hope the audience will see that our learning curve is rather short.

episode 2 whats the good word

A few days ago I was speaking to John Ramsey, the GM of WAPJ where we record the show. He said over the years there were countless individuals who professed interest in doing an audio-theater program from time to time but those ideas never came to fruition.  He recalled that I professed the same interest to him and then weeks later we accomplished it. It’s true that we started the idea at the end of December, our first meeting was 12/28 which is why we call the main trolley the 12-28. We rehearsed our first episodes in January 15th. We recorded at the end of January.  We went to air on April 1 on WAPJ (and as it turned out we actually aired on Robin Hood Radio that Saturday 3/31).  This was only accomplished because there are so many talented and dedicated people who want to see the idea succeed.

We have recorded 8 stories so far. This is but the second one. As we continue to build the show and grow we add more talented actors to our number who are finding this adventure to be quite entertaining and fun.

Our upcoming stories will include a tongue and cheek mystery at an old mansion with Nathaniel and Netta Chance, an adventure featuring  The Grey Whisper who is “a master of disguise, a fighter of crime and a wonderful knitter”, a tale in space called “Space Sentries”, a story with a young adventurer called “Daring Darling Darly” and an intriguing science fiction epic entitled “The Professor” which is the episode written specifically  to feature a “passenger story” (read audio-theater) all the way through.

We are all volunteers who are creating a show we hope our listeners will enjoy.

Find us on itunes and RATE IT Please!


Episode title: What’s the Good Word © 2018 J. TIMOTHY QUIRK

The Program Was Created/Written/Produced/Edited by J. Timothy Quirk

Guest Performer: Rich Cyr

Musical Guest: Belle of the Fall












Rehearsed at Trinity Episcopal Church in Torrington

Recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio


The Nutmeg Junction Theme by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2018

Mr. JT (instrumental) by Robert C. Fullerton (c) 2018

Spinning Around the Sun  by Belle of the Fall (c) 2018

Nothing Left to Lose by Belle of the Fall  (c) 2016

Additional music and foley courtesy of Youtube royalty free music or otherwise obtained in the environment by J. Timothy Quirk

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