Nutmeg Junction: Starting April 1, 2018

IMG_3985 (2)

Nutmeg Junction is a weekly thirty minute NEW old-time radio program that will begin broadcasting on April 1, 2018 from its home base WAPJ in Torrington, Connecticut at 89.9 and 105.1FM and will be found in podcast form in itunes and on the Nutmeg Junction website.  Nutmeg Junction features stories that harkens back to the golden age of radio but also includes music from emerging and established artists and engaging interviews with individuals in public life who have a story to tell. The program takes place in the environment of a trolley that arrives at the fictional “Nutmeg Junction” station. Nutmeg Junction provides a unique and entertaining experience for the radio listener.  Episodes may  include characters like “Blaze Jackson: Galaxy Insurance Adjuster”, “Tex Bijou: Cinema’s Singing Cowboy”, “The Grey Whisper” and more.

Starting next week we’ll begin sharing more information on this NEW old time radio show!

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