Nutmeg Junction: Level One Human Part Five: Meanwhile


Egan: James Miron

Zinnia: Clark Eileen Atkinson

Lars: Matt Griffiths

Moxie: Devon Richtmeyer

Rhodan: Jason Kulas

Town Crier: Humphry Rolleston

Palanus: Kurt Boucher

Narrator/Postwick Guard 1 “Galph”: J Timothy Quirk

Belladonna: Christiane Olson

Postwick Guard 4 “Gilliam”: JB Segal

Postwick Guard 5 “Hank”: Thomas Rafferty

Hobgoblin Hal: Andrew Usher

Hobgoblin Debbie: Jandi Hanna

Pixie 1 (Blossom): Jennifer Hunter

Pixie 2 (Snazzberry): Ilana Hunter

Pixie 3 (Brad): Melissa Gabehart

Fredsel, Museum Curator: Jeff Savage

Story conceived by Ilana Hunter

Written, Directed, and Produced by Ilana Hunter and Kurt Boucher

Additional writing by Jennifer Hunter and AJ Lin

Music by Ilana Hunter, Raymond Boucher, and Kurt Boucher

Additional music by Wendy Sheridan of Music for the Goddess


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