Nutmeg Junction Season 5: Ep 1 Cosmic Ventures 8 For Whom Fortune Favors P2

For Whom Fortune Favors Part 2

Amanda Yount as Kyper Boost

AJ Lin as Sarvol

Jason Kulas as Clarke

Kurt Boucher as Geeves

with: Matt Griffiths, Jerry Crystal, Tiffy McKay, Paul Starybrat, Jason Kottler, Michael Illian and Nichole Boucher

Directed by Kurt Boucher

written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk

When the crew of Cosmic Ventures arrives at a wormhole, they become embroiled in an intergalactic conflict where nothing is at appears on the surface. In Part 8, Sarvol is in hiding onboard the ship, Clarke has been captured by the Marsools and Kyper is Soonac’s guest on his homeworld through the wormhole.


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