rich cyr


RICH CYR is a voice actor, motivational speaker, actor, podcaster, radio show host and holds the distinction of being the first guest as well as being a founding member of Nutmeg Junction.

Rich Cyr performs Puffle on Space Sentries and performs Rusty on the Grey Whisper (both recurring series for Nutmeg Junction).

Rich also holds the distinction of being the first Junction cast member to portray himself and to have others portray him within a story.

Rich has also performed Long John on “Doc Keen”, Edgar Allan Poe (on multiple stories), Beau on “Packy Dermy Poo”, and a multitude of character voices like “Doctor Banana” as needed on the program.

Rich is a celebrated author and motivational speaker and is cohost of the interview program Nutmeg Chatter.

America's New Old Time Radio Program

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