lana peck


Lana Peck is a visual and musical artist and an accomplished stage and voice actor. Lana was the first actress asked to join Nutmeg Junction when it was just an idea being formed in 2017.

An extraordinary acting talent with a gift for vocal creativity, Lana Peck was known throughout the theater-world in northwest Connecticut as the consumate character actor.

Lana is a visual and musical artist who created the Professor A theme and co-creator of the Snarfle-poofs theme.

She was a part of the legendary duo of Glum Puppet with fellow cast member Kurt Boucher.

Notable characters include:

Professor A. (Professor A)

Netta Chance (Chance Mysteries)

Viscountess (Barnaby Druthers)

Narrator (Doc Keen and the Phenomenal 50)

America's New Old Time Radio Program

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