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Nutmeg Junction, created by J. Timothy Quirk, has grown over the years from a cartoon to a full audio theater program. Only time will tell what else the show may evolve into, but here’s a look back through time of the journey so far…

Creative Beginnings

Nutmeg Junction was largely inspired by the Torrington, CT Trolley along with experiences and stories that families can share together.

The Evolution

The trolley takes them on journeys through space and time via audio stories as Nutmeg Junction evolves into the new old-time radio theater program we know today.

A Year to Celebrate

In celebration of their first full year on the radio, Nutmeg Junction produced a live audio theater show on April 27, 2018 in Falls Village, CT to benefit the Lee Kellogg 8th Grade Class.

Live Public Broadcast

Wonder what a recording looks like? In October of 2019, members of the Nutmeg Junction Cast join NerdTalk on Citizens TV in New Haven, CT for a special live script reading.

Now on Podcasts

Nutmeg Junction episodes are now available to listen to both here on the website and on multiple Podcast platforms!

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