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Barnaby Druthers In the vacuum of Sherlock’s absence, a new detective rises to fill the void along with Irene Adler in the Barnaby Druthers tales of comedic intrigue. Professor A Take the Vortex Corridor into parallel worlds with Professor A, Adjunct Professor of the multiverse and her companions, Dr. Robere, university professor, and Ms. Gentry, … Continue reading Stories by Series

Episode 3.12 Quarantine Edition 1

  Space Sentries: We return to the classic Space Sentries with Ensign Puffle (Rich Cyr) and Commander Alx (Kurt Boucher) and the enigmatic Admiral Complication (Phil Hall). At long last we present the very first Classic Space Sentries story and explain just why Commander Alx is in his quarters during the series. Then we enjoy … Continue reading Episode 3.12 Quarantine Edition 1