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Barnaby Druthers In the vacuum of Sherlock’s absence, a new detective rises to fill the void along with Irene Adler in the Barnaby Druthers tales of comedic intrigue. Professor A Take the Vortex Corridor into parallel worlds with Professor A, Adjunct Professor of the multiverse and her companions, Dr. Robere, university professor, and Ms. Gentry, … Continue reading Stories by Series

Episode 3.18 Barnaby Druthers: Contralto

We return to the world of Barnaby Druthers, the Victorian era London detective series with the aforementioned Druthers and the incomparable Irene Adler. During the window in time when the world believed Sherlock Holmes had perished in Reichenbach Falls, society searched for another beacon of hope against the darkness of the criminal element and Barnaby … Continue reading Episode 3.18 Barnaby Druthers: Contralto


SHOW NOTES: As it was mentioned in Episode 5, we had worked on three chapters of the Professor A: Adjunct Professor to the Multi-verse saga and of course we had the intention to do more. But I found when I edited the show that it sounded best with the chapters at approximately 15 minutes in … Continue reading Episode 11: THE SEARCH FOR THE LOST EPISODE (PART ONE)