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Barnaby Druthers In the vacuum of Sherlock’s absence, a new detective rises to fill the void along with Irene Adler in the Barnaby Druthers tales of comedic intrigue. Professor A Take the Vortex Corridor into parallel worlds with Professor A, Adjunct Professor of the multiverse and her companions, Dr. Robere, university professor, and Ms. Gentry, … Continue reading Stories by Series

Episode 2.32: FOUR STORIES!

Four stories from Nutmeg Junction, the first three were recorded live during a production of “Nerd Talk” on Citizens TV.  Stories include Dracula and the Dentist, “No Offense”, Tales of Intrigue: Trick or Treason and The Choice Dracula and the Dentist: Featuring: Michael Illian, Rich Cyr, Catarina Quinonez and Kurt Boucher No Offense: featuring Rich … Continue reading Episode 2.32: FOUR STORIES!

Episode 218: Thank Your Lucky Stars (Once Upon a Mime) and more!

Episode of Nutmeg Junction for June 8th weekend has “Thank Your Lucky Stars” a talk show with Jack Sheedy and Robert C Fullerton. Their guest is the “World’s Greatest’ Audio Theater Mime!” Then we have the Doc Keen LIVE story from the live show that didn’t make it on to the three live episodes. Finally we end with a classic … Continue reading Episode 218: Thank Your Lucky Stars (Once Upon a Mime) and more!