Episode 3.16 Spaceship Junction and Grey Whisper

Cadet Everett joins the Spaceship Junction team on an adventure to the moon. If the moon is made of cheese, will they pick up a few cups for Admiral Alyx? If they’re not in the milky way how will Captain Puffle stay away from the Space Cows?
Featuring Rich Cyr, Lana Peck, Kurt Boucher, AJ Lin, Laurel Briggs, Kristin Moresi and Cadet Everett!

–This was a special “quarantine” story as we created it to allow young listeners the opportunity to research science topics, in this case the moon, and then with their parents, be able to record with the Nutmeg Junction cast virtually. Were’ so happy Cadet Everett took up the challenge!

Then we present the studio version of The Grey Whisper story” Mystery of the Great Corn Wall! This was a story created and presented exclusively for a live show that was a benefit for the Cornwall, CT community. Featuring Jandi Hanna, Rich Cyr, Jason Kulas, Lana Peck, Eastlynd Bates and J. Timothy Quirk,


spaceship junction 2 (2)

cornwall 3 (2)


Episode 3.15 Space Stories


Professor A returns in the studio version of War of the Wumfree which was originally written for the live show which was performed April 27th, 2019. Featuring Lana Peck, Kurt Boucher, Tiffy Mckay, Dan Willey and Deborah Goodman.

The second story is Cosmic Ventures Part II featuring Amanda Yount, AJ Lin and Jason Kulas

Our final story is Barnaby Druthers Doesn’t Know Jack. featuring Humphry Rolleston and John Fabiani

Nutmeg Junction was written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk

This program starred Lana Peck, Kurt Boucher, Tiffy McKay, Deborah Goodman, Dan Willey, Amanda Yount, A J Lin, Jason Kulas, Humphry Rolleston and John Fabiani

And featured music created and performed by Robert C. Fullerton and Bob Eccleston

Episode 3.14 Beau the Moose Detective


Nutmeg Junction is broadcast on WOOL-FM in Bellows Falls, Vermont and in honor of that station, we created the character of Beau the Moose Detective. The program is different from most other stories on Junction as it is a short story that is narrated by the author as opposed to having a script that is acted out by multiple actors in audio theater.  The writing style is reminiscent of my first narrated short story “The Reluctant Krampus”.

The music is by Robert C. Fullerton.

More information can be found at www.robertcfullerton.com





Episode 3.13 Barnaby Druthers and The Mouse Trap

In this Nutmeg Junction audio theater episode Barnaby Druthers returns. Barnaby and Irene Adler attend Enoch The Enigmatic’s magic performance but notice something amiss when Lord Pemberty is called upon to be a participant in the magic. The duo must investigate the mystery of the Mouse Trap!

Produced by Olivia Wadsworth

The program stars Devon Richtmeyer as Irene Adler and Humphry Rolleston as Barnaby Druthers

With Paul Starybrat as Enoch the Engimatic, Eastlynd Bates as Valentina, Kurt Boucher as Lord Pemberty, David Macharelli as Smythe, Jason Kulas as Inspector Gregson and Jandi Hanna as Mrs. Kipling



Episode 3.12 Quarantine Edition 1


classic space sentries

Space Sentries: We return to the classic Space Sentries with Ensign Puffle (Rich Cyr) and Commander Alx (Kurt Boucher) and the enigmatic Admiral Complication (Phil Hall). At long last we present the very first Classic Space Sentries story and explain just why Commander Alx is in his quarters during the series.
Then we enjoy Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabelle Lee” read by author Tiffy McKay.
Thank Your Lucky Stars: Spaghetti Night is next featuring host Jack Sheedy, co-host Robert C. Fullerton and with guest Celebrity Chef Sally (AJ Lin).
We conclude with an encore presentation of Lilith the Life Coach featuring Christiane Olson and Lana Peck.
note: The newest recordings were recorded “remotely” with individual actors recording their lines separately to ensure safety given the recent health crisis known as COVID 19.