Episode 3.05 Barnaby Druthers: A Scandal in Bohemia


A chance meeting with Doctor Watson leads Barnaby Druthers (Humphry Rolleston) to investigate why Irene Adler (Devon Richtmeyer) was so moved by the experience. Featuring “A Scandal in Bohemia” written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, adapted by J. Timothy Quirk
Featuring Devon Richtmeyer, Humphry Rolleston, Dan Willey, Jeff Savage, Robert C. Fullerton, Jandi Hanna and Rich Chyr. Narrated by Olivia Wadsworth.



For more information on Barnaby Druthers CLICK HERE *the official Barnaby Druthers site)


Episode 3.04 The Grey Whisper Double Feature

The Grey Whisper returns with an all new adventure and an encore presentation of a classic tale. In Slapstick, Madeline Forthright and Rusty arrive in Great Barrington, Massachusetts where the South-Western Massachusetts Women’s Stick and Puck Flag Hockey League for Adults ages 18-45 is holding the all important puck-off game between the Great Barrington Biscuits and the Egremont Egg Salads. Someone may be “ICED” if the Grey Whisper doesn’t intervene!


Written by J. Timothy Quirk and recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio

Madeline/Grey Whisper: Jandi Hanna
Rusty Rich Cyr
Captain Tamara Cody Kayla Soule
Captain Charlotte Macintosh Olivia Wadsworth
Coach Chet Punter Kurt Boucher
Goalie Devon Richtmeyer
Brock Caster Dan Willey
Norman Normal Robert C. Fullerton
Redmond Herring Jeff Savage
Pucky/Dennis as himself

Our second feature is an encore presentation of the original Nutmeg Junction story The Grey Whisper: Formula for Success 

(just the Grey Whisper portion. It is slightly abridged due to time constraints on this episode’s run time

There is more Grey Whisper fun to come so expect another Grey Whisper Double Feature next month!

Episodes 302/303: Zest For Love


zest for love title

Palmer Goode is a business woman living in the big city, who’s trying to get that promotion and barely has any time for her on again-off again boyfriend, city planner Liam Driver, when she’s asked to return to her home town to help save the zester factory, but things get complicated when professional dog walker, Brent Wolfe, enters the picture.
A parody of the Hallmark style holiday movies, this is a special Nutmeg Junction two part story. We present Parts one and two!

Part One

Part Two


Palmer Goode         AJ LIN

Isabella Harshill    Melissa Gabehart

Ed Hominem     Kurt Boucher

Liam Driver          Rich Cyr

Myron                  David Robinson

Aunt Claire          Jandi Hanna

Mister Zudderman     Phil Hall

Magic Syl (The cab driver)Tiffy McKay

Brent Wolfe          Jason Kulas

Colette              Olivia Wadsworth

Uncle Chauncy        Robert C. Fullerton

Willa Wolfe (in part2) Devon Richtmeyer

Music: C Prelude adapted by J. Timothy Quirk with additional ancillary harp from SoundTrap.com
















Episode 3.01 Introducing Barnaby Druthers

Season 3 of Nutmeg Junction begins with an extraordinary episode “Introducing Barnaby Druthers” featuring tales of the unusual late 19th century private investigations duo of Barnaby Druthers (Humprhy Rolleston) and Irene Adler (Devon Richtmeyer). Narrated by Olivia Wadsworth, this episode features the talents of John Fabiani, Jerry Crystal, David Macharelli, Paul Starybrat, and Robert C. Fullerton. . Original music by Bob Eccleston. The first weekend of every month will be a Barnaby Druthers/Irene Adler story. This is the first episode of the third season (hence 3.01)with a New Junction theme written by Robert C. Fullerton, adapted by J. Quirk.

Barnaby Druthers
Written and Produced by J. Timothy Quirk
Narrated by Olivia Wadsworth
Devon Richtmeyer as Irene Adler
Humphry Rolleston as Barnaby Druthers
John Fabiani as Jack
Jerry Crystal as Professor Moriarty
Robert C. Fullerton as Samuel Clemens
Paul Starybrat as Danvers
David Macharelli as Smythe
Original Music by Bob Eccleston
Nutmeg Junction Theme written and created by Robert C. Fullerton (c)2018
adapted by J. Timothy Quirk for Season 3