Episode 2.33 Professor A: Two Stories

Nutmeg Junction Episode 233: Professor A: Two Stories

We have two Professor A stories on the trolley ride of imagination.
The first story is The Simulacrum.  A famine has ravaged the land of serpentine beings known as the Anacondians. As Professor A searches for a solution, the situation is complicated by Doctor Robere’s relationship with an Anacondian who has promised him a memorable “constriction ceremony”.

Starring Lana Peck, Kurt Boucher, Tiffy Mckay, with AJ Lin, Jason Kulas, Rich Cyr, Jandi Hanna and Amanda Yount.

Our second Professor A story is The Times Arrow Trap.

Professor A and Doctor Robere use the vortex corridor to reach a quantum field observatory where Doctors Illian and Themy are investigating a fluctuation in space which appears to be a “pocket of time’.

Featuring Lana Peck, Kurt Boucher, Michael Illian, Catarina Quinonez and David Robinson


Kurt Boucher as Doctor Robere, Catarina Quinonez as Doctor Themy, Lana Peck as Professor A, Michael Illian as Doctor Illian and David Robinson (seated) as the computer

Show Notes

Professor A was one of the first regularly recurring Nutmeg Junction characters. Originally appearing in the fifth episode of the entire program, Professor A has returned many times with one-shot stories and grand epic multi-episode adventures.  The most recent Professor A story was a two-parter entitled The Dean of Death. (Episodes 211 and 212).

This episode features two stories which we recorded at two different times and venues. The first we recorded in the studio of WAPJ over the summer. It was so hot inside the studio we often sent actors out if they were not immediately required to say their lines. The Simulacrum marked a fun milestone as it featured many cast members of Tiffy McKay’s “48 hour film project” who were joining us at that time for the first time (Jason Kulas, Amanda Yount, AJ Lin)

The second story was recorded LIVE at Citizens TV in Hamden for the Nerd Talk episode in October. This particular story featured Michael Illian and Catarina Quinonez into the Professor A-verse and was written in such a way that when it is heard a second time, the listener can appreciate the points in time where Illian and Themy (Quinonez) are compared to where/when Professor A and Robere are in the story.  Tiffy Mckay was unavailable for the recording so this story most likely would be placed in a time line before Ms. Gentry joined the Professor and Robere in the vortex corridor. David Robinson jumped in to assist us as the voice of the computer.


Nutmeg Junction episode 2.33 was written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk.

The Professor A Theme written, created and performed by Lana Peck ©2018 and used with permission.

The Simulacrum

Lana Peck as Professor A

Kurt Boucher as Doctor Robere

Tiffy McKay as Ms. Gentry

Aj Lin as Quadrawindalunalistra

Jandi Hanna as Matrabalaformalistra

Amanda Yount as Adelfinilystrilistra

Jason Kulas as Militrilimylicystra

Rich Cyr as Anacondian


The Time’s Arrow Trap

Lana Peck as Professor A

Kurt Boucher as Doctor Robere

Michael Illian as Doctor Illian

Catarina Quinonez as Doctor Themy

David Robinson as the Computer

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Nutmeg Junction and may all your journeys bring you back to a happy home.


Episode 2.32: FOUR STORIES!


Four stories from Nutmeg Junction, the first three were recorded live during a production of “Nerd Talk” on Citizens TV.  Stories include Dracula and the Dentist, “No Offense”, Tales of Intrigue: Trick or Treason and The Choice
Dracula and the Dentist: Featuring: Michael Illian, Rich Cyr, Catarina Quinonez and Kurt Boucher
No Offense: featuring Rich Cyr, Jason Kulas, Jerry Crystal and Kurt Boucher
Tales of Intrigue: Trick or Treason: featuring Phil Hall, Kurt Boucher, Jerry Crystal, Catarina Quinonez, Lana Peck and Michael Illian
The Choice: featuring J. Timothy Quirk and Laurel Briggs

Listen HERE!


Show Notes:

Nutmeg Junction had a wonderful opportunity to visit and perform on Nerd Talk, a cable program hosted by Kurt Boucher, Michael Illian, Catarina Quinonez, Lana Peck and Rich Cyr.  We were given a full hour and I wrote some scripts specifically for the show and there were some scripts that would be perfect for the show that we had just recently performed.

The first sketch Dracula and the Dentist I wrote almost immediately after knowing we would be on Nerd Talk and would feature Rich Cyr, Michael Illian and Catarina Quinonez. What I enjoyed about the concept was that normally a sketch like that would make Dracula the big comedy figure, the unusual element in a regular otherwise mundane situation but it made be laugh to flip the script and have Dracula essentially act as the straight-man in the bit.

Now in the live show we  performed “Toy Feasors” but we had recently performed that on the Tort Law Episode which is only 2 episodes ago so I’ll save sharing the recording of the live performance for a later episode.

So the second story in this episode is actually “No Offense”.  We had just recorded it in studio but there was a wonderful energy in this live rendition of it so I chose to share the recording of the live performance of No Offense here. The script evolved. I knew I wanted Rich Cyr to reprise his role of Edgar Allan Poe  (last year we had a Serendip-History story with Poe meeting Washington Irving-as far as we know they never met in person but they did correspond in writing) and I knew we could do something with The Raven again.   The editor of Grahams Magazine was indeed a man by the name of George Rex Graham and there was an actor in that time period named Stuart Robson. Grahams Magazine did initially employ Poe, and did publish Murders in the Rue Morgue and did hire a replacement for Poe named Rufus Griswold who hated Poe and who did not publish The Raven so all of that is somewhat accurate (of course our take on the subject is completely fictional).

In the live show we did the Robin Hood sketch which was perfect for a large ensemble cast but again, we just aired the studio version of that story recently, in fact it was last episode, so I’ll save that live edition for a later episode.

So our third story was Tales of Intrigue. Phil Hall and Kurt Boucher are Rutledge and Haldemann: they represent the thin grey line separating society from anarchy while wearing pressed grey suits and shined shoes but using the clever disguise of bandannas to infiltrate an unusual world, in this case, the world of Trick or Treaters.

The final story from the live show was a Professor A unique sci-fi story written specifically for that broadcast and I love the story but I’m saving that for next week when we air two Professor A stories, the studio recording of the Simulacrum and the live Nerd Talk recording of “The Time’s Arrow Trap”.

So given the time on the episode I wanted to share a very short story called The Choice featuring myself as a Bogart type character and Laurel Briggs as a Mary Astor type character.

Please enjoy!


Nutmeg Junction Episode 232: Four Stories was written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk.  Three stories were recorded at Citizen TV in Hamden, CT. The Choice was produced at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio

Dracula and the Dentist:

Doctor Glauc:  Rich Cyr

Dracula:   Michael Illian

Dorothy Gall:     Catarina Quinonez

Frank N. Stein :    Kurt Boucher

“No Offense”

Edgar Allan Poe:  Rich Cyr

George Red Graham:  Jerry Crystal

Stuart Robson:    Jason Kulas

Albert:    Kurt Boucher

Tales of Intrigue: Trick or Treason

Rutledge:  Phil Hall

Haldemann: Kurt Boucher

Home Owner: Catarina Quinonez

Kids: Lana Peck and Michael Illian

Chief: Jerry Crystal

And The Choice

Bogart: J. Timothy Quirk

Astor: Laurel Briggs

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Nutmeg Junction and may all your journeys bring you back to a happy home





Episode 231: Three Short Stories!


In episode 231 which is the thirty first episode of our second season, we have three station stops on our Trolley ride of imagination.

The first station is a visit to Sherwood Forest where a hooded figure approaches a not so merry band in “Robin Hood and the Team of Occasionally Amused but Often Contemplative Persons”

In the our second station we visit the land of Oz where the Wicked Witch of the west is looking for something of change…will she succeed? Keep listening to find out in “The Happy Hairdresser of Oz”

And finally,  we find super spy Berke has been caught by the fiendish Blowhard who wishes to introduce Berke to the team that beat him in “The I in Team!


Listen here:


Nutmeg Junction was written created and produced by J. TImothy Quirk and recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio.

Nutmeg Junction Episode 231 starred

Kurt Boucher

Jerry Crystal

Rich Cyr

John Fabiani

Deborah Goodman

Jandi Hanna

Jason Kulas

AJ Lin

Kristin Moresi

Tiffy Mckay

Lana Peck

David Robbins

David Robinson

Jack Sheedy

Kayla Soule

Olivia Wadsworth

Amanda Yount

Some music provided by youtube royalty free attribution free music and we thank them for that.

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Nutmeg Junction and my all your journeys bring you back to a happy home.

Episode 230: Tort Law Day


In the 30th episode of season 2 of Nutmeg Junction we celebrate “Tort Law Day”. Tort Law Day is the idea of the American Museum of Tort Law which was founded by Ralph Nader and located in Winsted, Connecticut.

The episode has a Packa-Dermy-Poo mystery squad story starring the squad of Lana Peck, Kurt Boucher, Rich Cyr, Olivia Wadsworth and Packa Dermy Poo as himself and featuring Jerry Crystal, Deborah Goodman, Kristin Moresi, Jack Sheedy and Darcy Abbott.
Then we enjoy a song by Lil’ Tweed called Talking Tort Law Boogie.
Our short story was “Toy-Feasors” about an unscrupulous toy company featuring Jandi Hanna, Kurt Boucher, AJ Lin, Darcy Abbott and Jerry Crystal.
We close out the episode with a fun song previously aired called “Mister Tort Law’ with Kurt Boucher and Lana Peck.
October 5th is Tort Law Day at the American Museum of Tort Law. there will be VIP speakers and the event will have the keynote by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)
The direct link to the Talkin’ Tort Law Boogie can be found HERE!

The Facebook page of the band Cold Beans and We have a Facebook page here:
Lil Tweed is a singer/songwriter of acoustic and electric roots music. You can follow him on Instagram (@The.Real.Lil.Tweed).
He is currently writing and producing an album with the Cold Beans and Bacon Orchestra.
Episode 230 was written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk
Recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio
Packa Dermy Poo theme written and created and performed by Robert C. Fullerton (c)2018 and used with permission.
Talkin’ Tort Law Boogie by Lil’ Tweed (c)2019 and used with permission
Mister Tort Law by Kurt Boucher (c)2018 and used with permission
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart
Res Pachadermus Judicata: Packa-Dermy Poo and the Tort Law written by J. Timothy Quirk
Packa-Dermy-Poo at the Tort Museum
Olivia Wadsworth as Kristine
Lana Peck                as Val
Kurt Boucher          as Simon
Rich Cyr                    as Beau
Jerry Crystal            as Redmond Herring
Kristin Moresi        as B. Thyme
Deborah Goodman  as Baliff
Darcy Abbott            as Judge Mellow
Jack Sheedy              as the Custodian
Toy Feasors
Jandi Hanna
Kurt Boucher
AJ Lin
Deborah Goodman
Darcy Abbott
We hope you enjoyed your trolley ride on Nutmeg Junction and may all your journeys bring you back to a happy home.