Episode 220: Death Plays the Ukulele and MORE!

Episode 220: The Chance Mysteries: Nathaniel and Netta Chance ( Kurt Boucher and Lana Peck are invited to a Ukulele Recital in the Finger Lakes when MURDER adds a sour note! Then Jack Sheedy andRobert C Fullerton host “Thank Your Lucky Stars with their guest, the World’s Greatest: “Actor-who-plays-a-role- called- Rich- Cyr”: Rich Cyr

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The first feature is a new story for The Chance Mysteries.

Nathaniel and Netta Chance are our mystery solving aristocratic duo who becomes obligated to solve a murder after being invited to a social engagement.

There was an old Shadow show that took place at a piano recital. In this case we had fun with the idea of a ukulele  recital in the Finger Lakes. I was going to call it Death Plays the Oboe which sounds funnier but we didnt have access to an oboe and we did have access to a ukulele so we went with ukulele.

Thank Your Lucky Stars was a meta idea of Rich Cyr playing himself, which is always a fun concept, but the movie he’s pitching is one where he doesnt have any speaking lines.

I also enjoyed the idea of the Rich Cyr record collection


Nutmeg Junction Episode 220 was written created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk and recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio

Death Plays the Ukulele

Kurt Boucher  as Nathaniel Chance

Lana Peck as Netta Chance

Laurel Briggs as Patricia Worthington

Jeff Savage as Cartwright Druthers

J. Timothy Quirk as Lil’ Dwayne and the Narrator

Rebecca Rosewood as Reporter

Ukulele music by Kurt Boucher

Additional Music courtesy of Youtube Royalty Free music.

Thank Your Lucky Stars

Jack Sheedy as himself

Robert C. Fullerton as himself

Rich Cyr as himself and Doctor Banana

Olivia Wadsworth as Marie Curie

Kurt Boucher as Pierre Curie

Jandi Hanna as herself

Melissa Gabehart as herself

David Robinson as commercial narrator



Episode 219: Fanny and Fred and the Telephone Company and MORE


There are three “station stops” on the Nutmeg Junction trolley for this episode.


The first feature: Fanny and Fred and the Telephone Company. Your friends and mine Fanny and Fred from Locust Hollow have to contend with reaching a live person at the telephone company in this all too real scenario!
Starring Jandi Hanna and Jeff Savage as Fanny and Fred with Laurel Briggs, Kurt Boucher, Lana Peck and J. Timothy Quirk
The second feature: Thank Your Lucky Stars hosted by Jack Sheedy with Robert C. Fullerton. In What’s Kazoo With You, the world’s greatest kazoo club of Syracuse, NY entertain and inform. Starring Jack Sheedy and Robert C. Fullerton with Kurt Boucher, Olivia Wadsworth, David Robinson and Jandi Hanna
Finally the third feature is the first Nutmeg Junction “short” entitled “The Choice” starring Laurel Briggs and J. Timothy Quirk
Nutmeg Junction Episode 219 was written, created and produced by J. Timothy Quirk (c)2019 and recorded at WAPJ Torrington Community Radio
Fanny and Fred and the Telephone Company
Jandi Hanna as Fanny
Jeff Savage as Fred
Laurel Briggs as Automated Attendant
Kurt Boucher as Spanish Automated Attendant
Lana Peck as Rich Cyr
J. Timothy Quirk as the Announcer
Thank Your Lucky Stars: What’s Kazoo With You
Jack Sheedy as himself
Robert C. Fullerton as himself
Kurt Boucher as Stu
Olivia Wadsworth as Sue
David Robinson as Lou
Jandi Hanna as Murgatroyd
Nutmeg Junction Short: The Choice
Laurel Briggs as Ms. Astor
J. Timothy Quirk as Sam

Episode 218: Thank Your Lucky Stars (Once Upon a Mime) and more!

Episode of Nutmeg Junction for June 8th weekend has “Thank Your Lucky Stars” a talk show with Jack Sheedy and Robert C Fullerton. Their guest is the “World’s Greatest’ Audio Theater Mime!”
Then we have the Doc Keen LIVE story from the live show that didn’t make it on to the three live episodes. Finally we end with a classic Professor A story: My Brother’s Keeper.



The live show featured a fun segment called Thank Your Lucky Stars with host Jack Sheedy and had The World’s Greatest Audio Theater Magician (played by Olivia Wadsworth) and Deborah Goodman as a “volunteer” participant in the magic.

The conceit of having guests as “World’s Greatest Audio Theater (something-that-shouldn’t-be-on-the-radio)” was a lot of fun, so much fun in fact that we decided to create a series of three 10 minute segments and if we have more ideas, we’ll create more!

So this first ten minute TYLS segment is “Once Upon a Mime” The world’s greatest audio theater MIME, played by Melissa Gabehart!

Now we were going to pair it with another Fanny and Fred story but as luck would have it, the story wasn’t finished in time (it will be recorded this weekend) but fortunately we had something else to share, one segment of a show we had not yet been aired: the Doc Keen LIVE story that we had to edit out of three live shows.  It was only edited out because the popular Fanny and Fred segment took up a time period longer than projected when the audience reaction time was factored into the equation.  So we are sharing it now

Finally we wanted to share a ten minute (or so) Professor A story and a stand alone one is “My Brother’s Keeper”. Joining the regulars Lana Peck (Professor A), Kurt Boucher (Dr. Robere) and Tiffy McKay (Ms. Gentry) are Josh Newey and Jandi Hanna in unforgettable roles!


Episode 217: Fanny and Fred At the Mall


Nutmeg Junction, America’s New Old Time Radio program features Fanny and Fred at the Mall followed by the continuing story of Space Sentries: The Vector Theorem

Listen HERE:

Jandi Hanna and Jeff Savage return as Fanny and Fred, our favorite residents down in Locust Hollow. Shopping has changed at the local mall and so have the movie selections!  With narration by Dan Willey, the program features Phil Hall and Tiffy Mckay with Rich Cyr as…himself!

Then we continue our Space Sentries: The Vector Theorem serialized story on board the Salisbury. Will the crew ever take back control of the ship?

This episode features Rich Cyr as Ensign Puffle, Kurt Boucher as Admiral Alx, Phil Hall as Hologram Admiral Complication, Dan Willey as First Op Gillard, Jandi Hanna as Lieutenant Machinery, Olivia Wadsworth as Ace Grimsley, Lana Peck and Jeff Savage as Space Brigands with Tiffy McKay as action hero Jenny Snips!

Space Sentries Theme music and Nutmeg Junction Theme music written and performed by Robert C. Fullerton (c)2019 and used with permission